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Granite Slabs

With its swirling patterns and specks of color, granite is without question the most popular stone type that we see used in countertop applications today. Granite is one of the best choices for kitchen cabinet tops, floors, and other frequently trafficked and used surfaces due to their reliability, durability, and density, as well as their resistance levels to high temperatures.

Granite offers a unique beauty that is only found in nature and adds a character and warmth that is beyond compare when using synthetic materials. This elegant façade never goes out of style and is often heavily featured in kitchen counter design and custom vanity tops.

Granite slabs are a popular material choice in transitional design style countertop installation, possessing a look that never goes out of style and matches well with virtually any interior while providing a lifetime of enjoyment.

While granite slabs in a commercial sense are not entirely comprised of naturally occurring geological granites, they are sold under the heading of “Granite Slabs” due to their similarly comparable performance. The stone composition of granite slabs are some of the hardest dimensional stones available anywhere and offer extremely high levels of resistance to scratching while having the bonus benefit of being very easy to maintain.

Stone International works with every major stone distributor in the South Florida area in order to cut out the middleman and provide a complete and comprehensive resource for our customers from the design phase, all the way through countertop installation and beyond. We even keep many slabs on-hand in our granite warehouse so there is often no waiting or downtime to finish off a kitchen renovation project.

We do far more than simply provide the materials for kitchen redesign to our clients. Our team is also comprised of custom interior specialists that can assist in the cultivation of an entire look, or just smoothing out the minute details of your project. Eager and driven to aid customers in achieving a look they had in mind, or walking them through a variety of options for making their vision a reality.

If you’re interested in more information on granite countertops, or any kitchen renovation project for that matter, do yourself a favor and contact Stone International today! We would love to help.

Our team has been servicing the greater Miami area for some time and have developed a positive rapport with our clients. We built our company on a solid ideal: to provide our customers with a reliable, quality product for an affordable price. This is something that we stick to today even having grown far beyond our initial ambitions.

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