Your Bathroom Tiles Deserve a Spring Cleaning

Your Bathroom Tiles Deserve a Spring Cleaning

Time to Spring Clean Your Bathroom Tile

Do you often forget to clean your bathroom?  Is your lavatory in need of a deep clean? If you’re a busy person who works and has a million responsibilities, the answers to those questions probably embarrass you. Fortunately, spring is here, and that means you have a perfect excuse to do a thorough spring cleaning session to make your bathroom tiles shine. Here at Stone International, we want to make sure you get the most out of your bathroom features, especially if it’s been newly renovated. Maintaining the cleanliness of your bathroom will ensure you don’t let dirt and grime completely take over your bathroom and ruin it. Here are a few bathroom cleaning tips for doing a deep clean on your tiles:

Closeup of a hand in a yellow rubber glove cleaning a dirty bathroom surface with a blue sponge.


  • Make sure you get rid of that bacteria. Dirt, dust, grime, and bacteria (that doesn’t belong on your toilet seat) can build up over time in your bathroom just like it can in any other part of your home. While you probably aren’t concerned about keeping your bathroom clean for food as you might keep your kitchen, doing a deep-clean on your whole bathroom makes sure harmful bacteria don’t get anywhere near your precious latrine or those products that go on your face and in your hair. Specifically, dirt and dust can get trapped inside bathroom tiles and stay there for years if you don’t maintain a cleaning regimen. To combat this, use all-purpose cleaner all over your tiles so they can stay squeaky clean and fresh.
  • A little steam goes a long way. You might be wary of this tip, but trust us, it can be beneficial! Although copious amounts of steam trapped inside a bathroom can indeed damage your bathroom’s features and make areas in your bathroom produce mold, you can use steam to your advantage if you play your cards right. After using that all-purpose cleaner we mentioned before, turn on the shower’s hot water to quickly create steam, letting it build for about five minutes. Then, you can shut off the water, close the bathroom door, and let the cleaner and steam marinate together for about twenty minutes. This will make sure you get rid of the film of dirt and bacteria you can’t see with the naked eye that’s usually left on your bathroom tiles. However, remember to let the steam escape so you can preserve your bathroom.
  • Don’t forget the grout! Lots of people tend to forget about the grout in tiles, so don’t worry if you’re one of those people. Because your bathroom tends to be moist from those long, hot, steamy showers, the grout in your tiles can grow tons of bacteria while getting musty and discolored. Grout is a type of paste used between tiles to fill those gaps and hold them in place. Because it’s exposed to the air and can develop all that dirt, it should absolutely be cleaned along with every other part in your bathroom. An easy way to keep your grout clean is to use a grout brush and apply bleach to the areas. Make sure you keep air flowing into the bathroom, so you don’t directly inhale the bleach.


At Stone International, interior renovation is our specialty. We want to give you the most beautifully done kitchens, baths, and closets that are both aesthetically pleasing and of the utmost quality. Having a clean bathroom starts with having a bathroom that’s well-made and won’t fall apart after a short amount of time.

Contact us today to find out the bathroom options we provide, as well as our options for closets and kitchens. We have a great selection of kitchen countertops and cabinets to choose from that we can provide to the South Florida community, give us a call or feel free to check out our website.

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