3 Dos and Don'ts for Cleaning Your Cabinets This Spring

Young woman cleaning kitchen cabinets with a spray cleaner.

3 Dos and Don’ts for Cleaning Your Cabinets This Spring

Dos and Don’ts for Cleaning Your Cabinets This Spring

Let’s be honest; how often do you clean your cabinets? Is the term “spring cleaning” even in your vocabulary? Like most of us, washing the dishes every night after dinner and sweeping the dog hair off the floor every weekend is already time-consuming enough, so cabinet cleaning isn’t a priority. Besides, how does one even go about cleaning the inside of their cabinets? Here are a few tips and tricks on what to do and what not to do this Spring when you finally get around to cabinet cleaning.



  • Clean your cabinets from the inside out at least twice a year.


Deep cabinet cleaning should not happen once in a blue moon. Over time, dust, dirt, and grime can build up on the inside of your kitchen cabinets (or any cabinets in your home for that matter), so skipping this will only expose your pots, pans, and plates to bacteria that will end up in your food when cooking with these kitchen essentials. Although you might wipe down the outside of your cabinets all the time, this does not prevent the inside from getting dirty, so regularly cleaning your cabinets thoroughly will ensure you preserve your cabinets and your kitchen utensils. Seasonal cabinet cleaning will also force you to throw away any kitchen items you no longer need, such as expired food or broken articles you don’t use anymore. This will ultimately decrease the amount of clutter in your home.


  • Save money where you can by using household products.


Instead of buying a bunch of cleaning supplies that are only advertised as cabinet cleaners, take advantage of what you probably already have in your pantry and around your house. You can use do-it-yourself cleaning solutions such as a vinegar, dish soap, and hot water mixture for an effective, gentle clean without the harsh chemicals. Using a  baking soda paste made with water can also remove tough stains on your cabinets. If you need a small scrubbing tool to get into tiny crevices, use a toothbrush by putting a little of the cleaning solution onto it and then gently scrub away. These DIY products work well because they keep your cabinets squeaky clean without breaking the bank!


  • Thoroughly dry the cabinets after you’re done cleaning.


Leftover cleaning solution or water on your cabinets might air dry and cause the paint on the cabinet to ruin and form air bubbles. By using a dry cloth or towel, you will eliminate this problem and dry your cabinets faster, making it ready to use again.

Young woman cleaning kitchen cabinets with a spray cleaner.

Young woman cleaning kitchen cabinets with a spray cleaner.



  • Use too much water or solution when cleaning.


Dousing your cabinets in cleaning products or water is a definite no-no. Instead of spraying liquids directly onto your cabinets, spray the solutions onto the cloth you’re using instead and then wipe down the cabinets. Again, too much liquid can damage the paint or finish on the cabinets, and it can even run to the cabinet’s hinges and cause them to rust. Dust away the dirt on hinges using a cloth, don’t directly spray anything onto the hinges or soak them.


  • Use products that are too harsh and abrasive.


Potent chemicals in harsh cleaners might sound like they get all the stains out, but they could do more harm than good. Not only can those abrasive cleaning supplies damage the appearance of your cabinets, but it could also be very unhealthy to inhale, especially if you decide to clean your cabinets often.


  • Have old, low-quality cabinets.


If your cabinets aren’t high-quality and already need a lot of work done, then cleaning might not do anything for you. If the paint job on the cabinet is already chipping before you even put soap on it, chances are you need new cabinets.

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