5 Hacks to Make Your Small Closet Much Bigger

DIY closet hacks

5 Hacks to Make Your Small Closet Much Bigger

These DIY Closet Hacks Can Help Your Closet Feel Twice as Large!

If Marie Kondo has taught us anything, it’s that Tidying Up! can certainly spark a lot of joy in your life. Nevertheless, what do you do when your closet is too small to contain your items even after committing to the Kon Mari method?

In life, we must face many hard truths. Unfortunately, we can’t all possess the vast, bedroom-sized closet of our dreams. However, there is no reason to give in just yet. Even the small closet can fit your needs with the right DIY closet hacks. Read on to learn more about Stone International’s 5 DIY closet hacks to help your bedroom closet feel more spacious, as well as organized!


Although she may word things differently, Marie Kondo would tell you that the first rule to organizing a space is removing everything. This can help you view exactly what you possess, hopefully making it easier to cut out the excess.

Open up the Doors

If your closet imparts those cliché’ small bifold doors, you likely understand how frustrating it is to now wield full access to the entire closet. Remove the closet divider and doors entirely for the second of our DIY closet hacks. This will reveal a much more open area, enabling you not only to access it as well!

Bring Out the Bins

Utilize some matching baskets or bind inside of your closet space. This will help you make the entire area appear tidier, as well as more cohesive. You might find that this also enables you to utilize space in creative and different ways that offer you additional storage space.

Additionally, use this as an opportunity to coordinate your clothing into the bins by color or type for a more organized feel. This will make it far easier to locate that favorite top next time without too much trouble.

Keep the Floors Clean

This might represent our favorite out of all of these DIY closet hacks. It seems simple enough, but so many people forget or choose not to utilize a clean, clutter-free floor. Nonetheless, you may find that this is the most effective closet hack on our list.

Pick up everything off of the closet floor. This includes any shoes, boots, etc. Everything should possess its own home location on a shelf, or hanging on a rod. By clearing out this space, you can make your closet look cleaner, as and a result, bigger.

Don’t Forget About the Shelves

Open shelving can transform your entire world (if your whole world was a closet). Remember to use all of the existing vertical space as you implement shelving into the closet. You can save that hard-to-reach top shelf for any out-of-season clothing or other items you might not need regularly. As we mentioned before, filling up shelves with matching bins or baskets can offer you even more storage!

DIY Closet Hacks from Stone International

Once you maximize your existing space, you may feel like your home is at capacity. That’s okay, your closet remains accessible, and your house is (hopefully) clean. You can always do a little bit of seasonal reorganization, or even put away from clothes which you won’t need for a season or two.

Just like The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, you can trust our team at Stone International. Letting go and cleaning out your literal and metaphorical closet will feel liberating, and remains well worth your time.

For more information on our DIY closet hacks, as well as how we can help with a closet redesign, contact the design and installation professionals from Stone International today!