Flooring Matters - Best Flooring Options For Your New Bathroom

Best Bathroom Flooring

Flooring Matters – Best Flooring Options For Your New Bathroom

The Top Bathroom Selections for Your Home Remodel

Determining the best bathroom flooring for your home is vastly different from choosing the flooring for any other area of your home. Once you start researching, you will discover that there is one major factor that bathroom flooring faces that isn’t present anywhere else: large amounts of water.

The best bathroom flooring must stand up to a prevalent amount of water that can quickly ruin a brand new remodel. For this reason, our team from Stone International wants to recommend some of our top bathroom floor covering selections.


Vinyl has represented a very popular flooring choose in bathrooms for almost half a century, Sheet vinyl flooring is the best bathroom flooring option if you expect an extreme amount of water. Think about this material when installing in a child’s bathroom, or even in a laundry room.

The good news is that many homeowners can install most vinyl material on their own, and it comes in a widely diverse range of style options. However, if you select sheet vinyl, this may pose some serious difficulty. Poorly laid seams could throw off your entire renovation project.

Porcelain or Ceramic Tiling

Porcelain truly offers the best of both all worlds concerning bathroom flooring. This material is waterproof, stylish, as well as cost effective. Similar to natural stone, porcelain tile can impart a rich, textured, and solid feel. It is waterproof and relatively inexpensive.

The numerous different ceramic tile selections enable you to create the exact aesthetic you want. You may even discover some finishes look a lot like wood or stone. Best of all this best bathroom flooring option cleans up well and resists even standing water!

Natural Stone

Natural stone is an ideal choice as the best bathroom flooring selection. Unfortunately, this only matters if you can afford it. The material is hard, durable, and also looks great. It is such a high-quality selection that it can even increase the resale value of your home.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood may not sound like something you want to adorn your home with. However, it does very well compared to solid wood under high-moisture conditions as a result of its dimensional stability. With a plywood base, it can stand up against moisture while still looking like authentic wood.

Laminate Flooring

Oddly enough laminate flooring is considered as the “bargain bin” option by many homeowners. Surprisingly, it performs better in the bathroom than elegant, solid hardwood. Nevertheless, you must still take necessary precautions to ensure its wood base remains protected from moisture.

Laminate flooring wields tight seams between the plank, so it is difficult for moisture to work its way in. Regardless, this type is not exceptionally water-resistant. The good news is that it is an ideal option if you expect a lot of spills, it is very easy to clean.

The Best Bathroom Flooring Selections from Stone International

If you feel ready to tackle that long overdue bathroom remodeling project, consider a few things about bathroom flooring before finalizing your purchase: safe, waterproof, stylish, in that order. The best bathroom flooring for your needs may not necessarily look great. However, if it remains safe and reliable, this is a problem that may not be a problem.

For more information on our best bathroom flooring ideas, contact the design specialists from Stone International today!

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