These Kitchen Trends are TIMELESS!

2019 kitchen trends

These Kitchen Trends are TIMELESS!

Huge 2019 Kitchen Trends that Just Might Stand the Test of Time

Between prepping meals for the week and hosting family and friends, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It is also, one of the first rooms that visitors see when they enter the home, and the heart of any holiday get-together.

For this reason, many homeowners contribute a substantial amount of money towards keeping their kitchens up-to-date, stylish, and functional. However, the kitchen remains possibly the most essential space in the house, and design trends move very fast.

Although we remain fresh into the new year, our experts from Stone International want to share some of our predicted 2019 kitchen trends that may remain timeless for years to come. Before you start opening cans of paint and upgrading fixtures in your home, check out our top 2019 kitchen trends below:

Dark, Brooding Finishes

A dark cabinetry finish is making a significant comeback amongst the hottest 2019 kitchen trends. Homeowners now shy away from brighter hues, and even gray finishes towards navy and black palettes. When you pair this look with gold hardware and fixtures, you can create a luxurious, elegant aesthetic. In addition to navy and black, we predict that forest green may also serve as a trendy finish in 2019.

Bench Kitchen Seating

Another entry on our list of the top 2019 kitchen trends is bench kitchen seating. Many homeowners can opt for built-in bench seating with a new set of fixtures in the kitchen or breakfast nook. Nevertheless, as a less permanent alternative, some homeowners can hack this look by introducing a wide variety of bench furniture pieces.

This turns the kitchen into somewhat of a lounge area, a perfect option for those that frequently host breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner. You can additionally tuck away some storage baskets underneath these seating areas for games and place settings. Bench seating cultivates a feeling of a banquette or dining hall setting without an exorbitant expenditure.

Backsplash Feature Walls

In 2019, Stone International predicts that homeowners will use their backsplash to make a major statement. Designers will play a role in 2019 kitchen trends by extending backsplash tile all the way up to the ceiling.

In the old days, homeowners would utilize a pop of tile above the counter for their backsplash. The latest 2019 kitchen styles will feature an entire wall of tile in place of this traditional aesthetic. This look can provide texture, in addition to the visual interest to any kitchen space!

Pink Cabinetry

Finally, the last entry on our list of the top 2019 kitchen trends. In 2019, this rosy pastel hue is going to show up in an area we never previously expected: kitchen cabinets.

Blush is taking over as a beautiful neutral finish option. This pairs perfectly with natural accents for a calming space. However, for those that like their kitchen to impart a bold look, it couples well with “out there” designs as well!

Stone International’s Top 2019 Kitchen Trends!

In our modern, hectic daily lives, the team from Stone International is pleased that homeowners are trying to add in some quiet soul into their kitchen spaces for the New Year. The emphasis you may see on our list of the top 2019 kitchen trends is on darker, soft colors, as well as an earthy feel.

For more information on our 2019 kitchen trends, or how the team from Stone International can help with your home remodeling project, contact our professional design team today!

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