Yes, You Can Still Efficiently Remodel Your Tiny Bathroom

Yes, You Can Still Efficiently Remodel Your Tiny Bathroom

Time to Remodel Your Restroom?

The rent may be high, and the rooms may be small, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some remodeling done. Although you have a tiny bathroom, you’d be surprised to know that renovating it will require pretty much the same professional aspects that a larger bathroom would. Therefore, your small bathroom remodel can be efficient and easy by following some of the same steps as you would any other sized bathroom.

Plan Accordingly

Because there are different types of bathrooms, you need to plan for all the elements you want in your specific type of bathroom. Whether you want your small bathroom remodel to be for a powder room or a full bathroom is completely up to you, but plan in accordance with what that kind of bathroom entails. For example, a powder room doesn’t include all of the elements of a bathroom, as it usually only holds a toilet and sink.

However, you probably want to make the most out of your tiny bathroom if it’s the only one you got, so you need to figure out how to fit your sink, toilet, and shower all in one. With the help of a professional, you can decide how you want to place everything and how much time you want everything to take. It’s important to remember to plan in accordance with how long you want your small bathroom remodel to take. Remember that while a DIY job is less expensive, it tends to take way longer than a more expensive, quick, professional installation.

Written plans for remodeling a bathroom next to pipes.

Decisions, Decisions

Now that you have a planning baseline to work with, you have to decide on several factors of your small bathroom remodel. As we said before, determine if you want your renovations to be DIY, done by professionals, or both. This will allow you to get to the fun part faster—picking out the materials. Although exciting, buying the materials and items you want for your bathroom can get really expensive really quickly.

The best way to be budget-friendly when doing any renovations is to look for discounts on materials from online or local retailers. It’s also essential to buy your materials way ahead of time so that everything is ready to be installed. Try not to make last-minute changes or big decisions on materials too late in the game, as this could slow things down. Trust us, you don’t want to be behind on your renovations just because you didn’t order a product on time.

A young man deciding which door handle he would like for his remodeling project.

Some Handy Tips

For a small bathroom remodel, we recommend specific designing strategies to maximize your space as much as you can. For example, we encourage you to choose a shower curtain or sliding door for your shower, as you might not have much room to open a door on a hinge in your tiny bathroom.

We also recommend a vanity with open shelves, so that cabinet doors don’t get in the way — a wall-mounted sink for a smaller vanity that will give you more space. Also, try hanging your towel bar on your door so that you don’t take up space mounting it on the wall.

Small Bathroom Remodel at Stone International

Our team at Stone International wants to help you with all your remodeling needs, and we absolutely would love to do that for your bathroom. No matter how big or small, Stone International can help make any room the room of your dreams. Give us a call and check out our website for more information!

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