Custom Bathroom Cabinets in Miami

Custom Bathroom Cabinets in Miami

Custom Cabinets – They’re Worth It!

Trying to decide on new cabinets for new construction or remodeled bathroom? There are a few reasons why choosing custom bathroom cabinets from Stone International in Miami adds value to your home!

Like your living room, bedroom, or kitchen, your bathroom is an essential, often high-traffic space in your home. Custom bathroom cabinetry not only helps you alleviate issues with congestion and organization, but it can also add style and elegance to a bathroom space.

Bathrooms with ample cabinet space help the area look more spacious and beautiful while cleaning up floors, countertops, etc. A touch of grandeur for an elegant, stylish, captivating finish can make the bathroom serve as the centerpiece of your home!

Why is Custom Cabinetry a Better Choice?

Every homeowner has unique, individual needs regarding a functional bathroom space. You might need to store more towels and toiletries to keep your bathroom space clear of clutter. Unfortunately, it can be frustrating when your fixtures don’t offer the space or functionality you need.

One of the best things about custom bathroom fixtures is that they offer additional storage space offer traditional cabinetry. Adding space to cramped or spacious bathroom areas allows you to use the bath without compromising design or material quality.

Beyond providing storage space, you can add interior lighting and hidden storage nooks, unlike traditional cabinets, amplifying the practical use and storage options of bathroom cabinets.

A Higher-Quality Option

When it comes to cabinetry, custom is typically going to provide you with a higher build quality than off-the-shelf options. At Stone International, we rely on true artisans and masters of the craft to provide our clients with pride in creating a quality product.

This remains especially important for bathroom cabinetry because they need to stand up to potentially intense moisture and humidity brought on by shower steam and water occasionally splashing on them from the sink.

Many stock cabinets are made of medium-density fiberboard, what most refer to as ‘particle board.’ Stock cabinets can last for a good number of years. Nonetheless, nothing beats the quality of solid plywood or complete hardwood construction.

Custom bathroom cabinets in Miami from Stone International have the best chance of withstanding this onslaught without warping and swelling.

Practical and Functional

For a bathroom remodel or new construction builds, you will likely have more limited space for your cabinets than in a kitchen. In many cases, this means you must choose cabinets specially designed for tight spaces where off-the-shelf cabinets just won’t fit.

Custom cabinetry can create just what you need for your available space, providing a great aesthetic and maximum functionality in your storage space.

Don’t Break Your Budget

Even in moderate to large-sized bathroom remodels, there are typically fewer cabinets in any bathroom than in a kitchen. Going custom with all kitchen cabinetry may exceed your budget. 

However, in the bathroom with less space to work with and fewer surface areas covered by the cabinetry, this is often a more feasible option for most homeowners.

Create the Look You Want

This benefit of Stone International custom bathroom cabinets in Miami holds true no matter where you select fixtures for your home. The best part of cabinet customization? Carpenters will create cabinetry specifically for your bathroom. You can also get fixtures made of the exact material, design, finish, and size you desire.

If you want a black aesthetic to go with your stainless steel or white with splashes of colors around the room for a truly tropical South, Florida feel, custom cabinetry can provide this for you. Getting what you want isn’t always easy. Nevertheless, the dreams of the perfect restroom aesthetic are within reach with custom cabinetry for your bathroom.

Your bathroom is one of the most utilized spaces in the home. Well-designed, beautiful cabinets can add an element of charm and elegance, enabling you to relax and unwind at the end of a long day.

Custom Bathroom Cabinets in Miami | Stone International

The initial investment into custom bathroom cabinets in Miami may seem more than you want. Still, the additional years and other enhancements you gain from custom cabinetry will be well worth it.

Stone International imports our cabinetry line directly, cutting out any import, transport, or other middleman markups, and passes these savings onto you, the consumer. This enables us to provide the best in custom cabinetry for an affordable price.

To learn more about custom cabinetry from our team at Stone International, reach out to our friendly and dedicated customer service team today!

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