Granite Counters in Miramar

Granite Counters in MiramarGranite Counters in Miramar


Let’s face it; granite is one of the most popular countertop materials for a reason! Not only does it come in a truly staggering variety of colors and styles, but it is also one of the more durable and long-lasting materials that can be used for countertops. From its birth in the ’80s to today, granite is one of the most classic and beautiful choices you can make for your kitchen remodel, and Granite Counters in Miramar from Stone International can help.


How did granite counters become popular?


Granite counters snuck onto the kitchen decoration scene in the mid to late eighties. At first, they only graced the countertops of the rich and famous due to the insanely high price tag it had then. This high price was originally due to the rarity of the material and the fact that it was pretty difficult to work with.


However, since then, granite has gone through a massive boom. There are a few reasons for this. As this article in Vox says, other countries started to quarry and ship granite at much lower prices. Most granites in the ’80s and ’90s were originally quarried in Italy, but during the early 2000s boom the industry opened up to include many other countries, but especially Brazil. Since the price of the raw material dropped, the overall price of the counter dropped as well. 


Second, granite was originally very difficult to work with. However, with the rise of computerized saws, many of the difficulties that came with cutting out holes for sinks and edges disappeared. Though it still takes a lot of skill and effort, cutting granite no longer incurs the costs of labor that they once did.


There’s also the fact that granite sealing techniques have greatly improved over time. Granite is a naturally porous material, and early sealing techniques needed to be redone occasionally. However, modern sealing techniques can last about ten years before they need to be resealed. 


During the last ten to twenty years, granite has gone from being something accessible only to the one percent to something that is almost standard in any mid-priced home. A beautiful granite counter is something that lends an instant air of beauty and luxury to any kitchen.


Why should you choose granite counters in Miramar?


There is a staggering variety of counter choices today. Whether it is the many types of stone or older options like laminate, going into a store to look at samples can seem overwhelming. However, if you take a step back, you will find that a vast majority of those samples are granite. There simply isn’t another material that has a variety of color, pattern, or texture.


Here at Stone International, granite is one of the materials we favor the most for its beauty, texture, and variety.  It’s one of the most classic materials you can use for a countertop, with enduring popularity dating back more than 50 years. Every slab of granite is truly unique, with none being exactly the same. Choosing granite countertops means that you can create a design element in your home that is truly unique to you and your lifestyle. There is granite with beautiful, fine, uniform patterns, and granite with large, swirling patterns. It comes in any color you need for your design, whether your aesthetic is bohemian bright, dark and traditional, or Scandinavian white. 


Granite is also fairly durable, scoring a seven on the Moh’s hardness scale. Though it is porous, the sealing techniques have advanced to the point that a treated granite countertop would not need to be resealed for at least ten years. Not to mention, granite won’t scorch if you put a hot pan on it, unlike laminate or other man-made materials. 


Another practical reason for choosing granite countertops in Miramar is simply that the value of your home may go up. Since granite countertops are so in demand and still recognized as a luxury item, they are often one of the first things that home buyers look for. Having genuine granite countertops in a home is an investment that could benefit you in the long run.


Where to buy granite countertops in Miramar


Granite Counters in MiramarAt Stone International, we have a wide variety of competitively priced granite that can be used in your next home renovation project. We work with every major stone distributor in Miami to cut out the middleman and provide you in Miramar and surrounding areas with the best prices and quality possible. You can see some samples of the granite we have available here. Contact us today!