What Are the Different Types of Granite Countertops?

Learn about our different granite countertop options!
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What Are the Different Types of Granite Countertops?

Kitchen Countertops in Miami

A good kitchen countertop is both visually appealing, as well as sustainable. With the variety of countertops available to choose from, it can be difficult to make a decision. What product is the optimal choice for your home?

Many homeowners swear by granite countertops surfaces. A granite surface is known to be extraordinarily durable, resistant to scratches, in addition to other potential damages. Damage to a countertop can occur easily as the kitchen is easily the most used room in the home. Consider dropping something on a granite countertop. As a solid surface, it is likely to chip or crack. Though this situation is unfortunate, this is a stark advantage over other materials like recycled glass countertops. With glass, dropping something can lead to an entire surface replacement. Additionally, granite’s scratch resistant nature prevents slips on the butcher block and a wide range of other circumstances from becoming permanent, unseemly eyesores.

Granite is additionally a heat resistant stone. This makes granite the ideal choice for cooking with pots and pans. Placing a hot device or utensil on a granite surface results in no damage whatsoever. However, with a laminate countertop, or wood countertops, placement of a hot pot or pan can lead to warping and other damage.

Considering aesthetics, granite is available in a variety of stunning colors. Some of these designs can replicate the look of marble. Each type of granite design is unique in its individuality, accompanied by naturally occurring stains and specks. Granite surfaces provide these numerous benefits. However, if this is not enough, granite is also a stain resistant, easy to clean material. By applying a small amount of mineral oil, a granite countertop can look elegant and luxurious again in no time.

Engineered Stone

Low maintenance and maintenance free fixtures can serve as a great asset in the heart of your home. After all, the kitchen normally receives the most traffic, wear, and tear. At Stone International, we offer a variety of high-quality granite material kitchen countertops in Miami.

When you visit our page dedicated to our various granite kitchen counter slabs, you will notice that there are several to choose from, including:

  • Santa Cecilia
  • Uba Tuba
  • New Venetian Gold
  • Giallo Ornamental
  • Tan Brown
  • Colonial Cream
  • Golden Crystal
  • Taramisu
  • Brass Blue
  • White Bordeaux

We also carry pre-fabricated granite Kitchen Countertops in Miami. These surfaces consist of manufactured, pre-cut sections, such as:

  • Giallo Fiorito
  • Golden Beach
  • Black Galaxy
  • Delicatus Ice
  • Imperial Gold
  • African Persa

Granite Specifications

Aside from elegant patterning, there are numerous ways granite differs from other countertop materials. Depending on the look you need, there is a plentiful amount of looks granite can create.

Slab or tile: Granite countertops come in two forms, slab, and tile. A granite slab is a solid, seamless piece approximately 10 feet long. If a seamless slab is too expensive for your budget, tile is the best solution for your needs.

Thickness and overhang: Granite thickness varies. The preferred granite thickness is an inch and a quarter. You can also choose how far the granite extends from the counter. If you need seating space or additional cooking space, you can extend granite several inches beyond the counter.

Finishes: There are three main types of granite countertop finishes.

  1. Polished: This creates a smooth, reflective surface that makes it much easier for cleaning. The granite has a shiny, glass aesthetic, highlighting imperfections that it may have.
  2. Leather: When a diamond tipped brush is moved along the granite surface, it creates a leathery look and feel. This is a great option for cleaning and hiding imperfections.
  3. Honed: This is a smooth finish but isn’t shiny or reflective. It removes the flare and masks any imperfections in the granite. Some refer to this finish as a matte finish.

Due to the variety of different customization options, granite is the best material for any kitchen cabinet. Do you need a long-lasting addition to your home that friends and family can enjoy? Choose a granite pairing with a set of new all wood kitchen cabinets.

Granite Kitchen

Every one of our granite options boasts its own charm. These surfaces can enhance any kitchen setting. Your unique personal tastes determine your preference. However, our professionals provide expert advice to help you choose what option is best for your home. We often advise our customers with dark kitchen cabinets or furniture to select a lighter shade of granite or quartz to add a splash of color to the area. Those with lighter shaded furniture or ceramic tile should opt for dark or neutral colors.

Are you looking to remodel your kitchen with granite? Not sure where to begin? Our designers work closely with you to bring your dream kitchen to life. We provide all wood cabinets that can beautifully accent your kitchen while adding value to your home. Our fixtures can offer you the perfect pairing to any stainless steel appliances or other existing aesthetic.

Granite provides numerous pros and cons. However, with our expert services and diverse selection, we can ensure you a quality, reliable product accompanied by courteous service and professional installation. The kitchen is the heart of any home. It is important to ensure it looks its best with our granite kitchen countertops!

Contact our granite experts at Stone International today at (786) 930-4722 or click here to find out how you can find your own Granite Kitchen Countertops in Miami.

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