Granite Counter Tops or Quartz Counter Tops? Which Is Best for You!

Choose from our luxurious Kitchen Countertops Miami, compare and contrast the benefits of granites and quartz countertops to perfectly fit your home.
Kitchen Countertops Miami
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Granite Counter Tops or Quartz Counter Tops? Which Is Best for You!

Kitchen Counter Tops Luxury Miami | Granite Kitchen Countertops Miami

Are you planning on making a new change in your home? When was the last time you changed your kitchen counter top? Add new Kitchen Counter tops Miami  to your checklist of home remodeling! At Stone International, you will have the choice to pick between granite counter tops or quartz counter tops. There are many different and similarities between these two kitchen counter tops, and you’d probably want to keep reading to find out.

Finding out what’s best for you!

Picking between two great things is never easy, so you need to find a way to facilitate your decision. Have you ever had a professor tell you that if you don’t know the answer to a multiple choice question, what’s recommended to do is to begin crossing out the ones that you’re sure they’re not the answers. Same thing with making decisions like choosing a kitchen counter top! If for some reason you’re not attracted to a characteristic a kitchen counter top has, then begin comparing and contrasting with what you like and don’t like. Our Kitchen Counter tops Miami professionals will provide you with assistance on choosing a great kitchen counter top to beautifully match your home!

Kitchen Cabinets Quick Tip

Pick the kitchen counter top according to your needs and wants, not because it’s the best one in the market. For example, the quartz kitchen counter top is the strongest out there, stronger than the granite counter top. However, the granite counter top is 100% natural, and the quartz counter top is about 97% natural, the rest of the material is engineered! So before you make a decision, choose the one that matches your personality, the counter top you’ll be able to better maintain, the one that matches your house better, but not just the one that’s better according to its characteristics.

Benefits of Granite Kitchen Counter Tops

  • Did you know that granite is formed from a volcanic activity, it’s almost as strong as a diamond!
  • The great thing about granite is that’s it’s a completely natural stone, there’s nothing engineered about this type of kitchen counter top.
  • It’s heat-resistant and scratch-resistant (It’s recommended not to apply heat directly)
  • It’s extremely durable
  • It has a natural-look to it

*Maintenance: Reseal the kitchen counter top every 6 to 12 months

Benefits of Quartz Kitchen Counter Tops

  • Did you know that quartz has many uses, such as conducting electricity when under pressure?
  • Quartz is one of the strongest material in the world, it’s stronger than granite. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s indestructible.
  • It’s stain-resistant and heat-resistant
  • The colors of quartz kitchen counter tops are uniform

*Maintenance: Does not require any sealing to be done

Wholesale Kitchen Counter tops in Miami

After reading the amazing benefits, are you still unsure of which counter top material you’d like to pick as one of your choices? Trust Kitchen Counter Tops Miami to give you more information on the benefits on granite and quartz kitchen counter tops. Compare and contrast between the two different kitchen materials to facilitate your choice-making.
Our Kitchen Countertops Miami professionals will provide you with all the help you need to choose the material that fits your home, matches your personality, and that you will love! Call today at (786) 930-4722 or click here to make an appointment.

Kitchen Countertops Miami | Granite vs Quartz Counter Tops

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