Functional and Practical: Why We LOVE These Cabinets

Shaker Style Cabinets
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Functional and Practical: Why We LOVE These Cabinets

Shaker Style Cabinets

The kitchen is one of the most frequented rooms in most households. It is the area where you prepare your meals, gather with your family and loved ones, and sit back with a cold beverage to relax at the end of a long day. Therefore, it only seems right to design a space that meets your unique needs. If you are looking into a brand new kitchen remodel, our team at Stone International has just the Shaker Style Cabinets you are searching for that are both functional and practical!

While a beautiful, well-designed kitchen is part of any homeowner’s vision, it is essential that your space is just as practical as it is visually appealing. After all, typical kitchen activities like cooking and preparing meals are bound to cause some wear and tear. We advise establishing a cleaning routine that will extend the lifespan of your kitchen cabinets and surfaces, but unless you have a strong foundation to begin with, you will start to see the once vibrant and rich furnishings lose its smooth appearance. Only products made from the best materials are built to withstand the test of time.

At Stone International, we don’t believe in cutting corners with low-quality materials. We only use real wood in constructing our products, all personally imported from China. Our cabinets do not contain any plywood or other cheaper alternatives that many competitors in the field often turn to. They are hand-built to last and maintain its original condition for years to come.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Our Shaker Style Cabinets are one of our most popular design options. For those unfamiliar with home decor terminology, you may not fully grasp how impactful a particular style of cabinets can be on the overall essence of a room. Shaker cabinets are a fantastic option because they maintain an air of simplicity while also injecting practicality. They add just the right flare that serves as a design element to tie together the entire room.

With Shaker Style Cabinets, the home design possibilities are endless. Our Stone International team offers this style in a variety of colors and finishes to provide our loyal customers with as much freedom as possible. Some of these cabinet options include:

  • Cafe Shaker Cabinets
  • Cherry Double Shaker Cabinets
  • Espresso Shaker Cabinets
  • Gray Shaker Cabinets
  • Off White Shaker Cabinets
  • White Shaker Cabinets

This selection presents endless scenarios for a homeowner that is eager to change up the appearance of their kitchen. Whether you are hoping to create a traditional, modern, or transitional design, each of these colors can be used to achieve your vision. For a kitchen with a modern layout, we typically recommend sticking to darker tones, such as our Espresso Shaker Cabinets or Gray Shaker Cabinets. These darker-toned cabinets allow for a stark color contrast that will tie a minimalistic space together nicely. For a more traditional approach to your kitchen layout, our Cafe Shaker and Off White cabinets are the way to go.

Kitchen Cabinet Options

Few companies can proudly say that their Shaker Style Cabinets deliver on practicality and functionality while also serving as the perfect aesthetic addition to your home. For the best in kitchen and bath products and services, team up with Stone International. Call us today at (786) 930-4722 or click here for more information on how to reach us now!

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