Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets in Hialeah! 

Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets in Hialeah

A home renovation can be a trying time, even more when you’re on a tight budget. It’s important to get the best quality materials possible, and you might often be overwhelmed, or not know where to start. When you consider the amount of material types, styles, even builders and brands to choose from, it can be quite a staggering undertaking. Determining budgeting, for both money and time, and finding a design that matches existing décor can certainly become a burdensome ordeal.

This where Stone International steps in offering wholesale kitchen cabinets in Hialeah, allowing you to destress while we help with your new kitchen. Every one of our products are made in-house and imported by our company, cutting out any middlemen and ensuring we help you to save every penny possible.

Budget and cost are often the most important aspects of any home renovation. Stone International is able to offer wholesale kitchen cabinets in Hialeah around 15-20 percent more inexpensive than most competitors.  This savings allows you to keep your costs down and still renovate your home with quality, reliable products.

Stone International

Stone International began doing business in the South Florida area in as early as 2004. Their vision was streamlined and simple, to provide the best quality in natural materials at a wholesale price; and all of this is generally done in less than a week. You can remodel your entire kitchen with wholesale kitchen cabinets in Hialeah, backed with premium service and commitment to the client.

Word spread throughout the South Florida area about Stone International, and the quality of their products and services, and they quickly became a preeminent manufacturer of prefab granite countertops and solid wood cabinets throughout the state of Florida. Offering premium customer service, Stone International remains a family operated company today, bolstering a quality product line with understanding and a compassionate attitude, always putting the customer on the forefront. Offering a complete, custom tailored design service from start to finish, choosing a quality line wholesale kitchen cabinets in Hialeah can help you achieve that kitchen you’ve been dreaming of.

A Quality Kitchen Cabinet

It is important to consider and build quality and construction when starting to plan out a kitchen remodel. No one wants to go through the stress and aggravation of a process as big as home remodeling, only to have their time, effort, and money wasted on a shoddy product that doesn’t look good, or even worse doesn’t last.

Every kitchen cabinet from Stone International is constructed from solid maple or basswood, and is stained on the interior to match exterior construction. This creates a collective aesthetic and a sharp, even look. Maintaining this sort of cohesive façade helps to create whatever sort of expression you are looking to accomplish from your kitchen design, and the SI line offers a variety of colors and styles, furthering the customizability and options that you have available when designing your dream kitchen. This means that no matter the current appliances or décor in your home, there is a kitchen cabinet available to you that matches, so there is absolutely no need to rip up your entire kitchen, throwing your home into disarray, and therefore saving you precious time and money.

Kitchen cabinets from Stone International are not just good looking but are also solidly built. Containing no pressboard whatsoever, SI cabinet internals are plywood boxes, preventing breakdown and sagging over time. The drawers are made of solid wood with heavy duty full extension glides, and fully adjustable 6-way hinges.

Stone International not only provides a premium cabinet construction, but also specializes in granite countertops. Working closely with nearly every major stone distributor in the Miami area, SI keeps several granite slabs in their warehouse, readily available at an affordable price. Offering several different styles and designs, quartz and granite countertops provide the perfect counterpart to an elegant new set of wholesale kitchen cabinets in Hialeah. These countertops are easier to care for and maintain than traditional tile, so cleaning up after a get together with family and friends makes life much less of a hassle. The kitchen of your dreams will look good and make your life easier… how can you go wrong?

A Smooth, Stress Free Remodel

Probably the most stressful part that comes along with a kitchen remodel is the actual remodeling process. Everyone likes sitting down and picking out a new look for their home, but when it actually comes time to tear out the old pieces and start new, the process can take weeks on end, leaving parts of your home unavailable for a moderate for a long period of time. When choosing Stone International, you can have a cost-effective, affordable kitchen you’re proud of, all while completing the renovation as little as a week. You’ll know you’re receiving the best kitchen remodel available with quality, dependable materials, as well as a good looking set of wholesale kitchen cabinets in Hialeah.

If you’ve desired a refresh on the face of your kitchen, but you’re a bit lost on where to start, the clear decision is going with a quality cabinet maker and installer like Stone International. For over a decade, SI has been putting in the time and legwork to help clients feel relaxed and free of the anxieties associated with a home remodel. Feel comfortable and confident knowing that your new kitchen will be exactly like you wanted it.

If you’re on the lookout for a quality set of wholesale kitchen cabinets in Hialeah, or anywhere in the Miami area, click here for more information!

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Stone International has been serving the greater Miami area for many years. We directly import our own cabinet line, eliminating the middleman markup.