Italian Kitchens vs Traditional Kitchen! Which one suits your home best?

Affordable Italian Kitchen in Miami
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Italian Kitchens vs Traditional Kitchen! Which One Suits Your Home Best?

Affordable Italian Kitchen in Miami

When you decide to remodel your kitchen, it is important to consider what you want this new area to look like. Several excellent kitchen design types exist, and a popular one is an Italian kitchen.

You can identify an Italian kitchen by their bright, Mediterranean stylized colors, as well as their granite countertops. Possessing a beautiful and enjoyable kitchen is a hallmark in regards to any home.

Here at Stone International, we can create an affordable Italian kitchen in Miami to suit your home optimally.

Italian Kitchens from Stone International

Every Stone International kitchen cabinet is made in-house. They additionally boast a maple or basswood composition, ensuring long-lasting reliability. What this means is a preeminent quality product for a wholesale price. This value is especially evident in comparison to other competitors.

We provide our customers with plentiful colors and designs. Stone international can offer you an optimal solution that is perfect for an affordable Italian kitchen in Miami that you desire.

Our bright colors paired with our naturally stylized countertops create the ideal look for an Italian kitchen. Other important and essential aspects regarding Italian Kitchens include lighting, as well as natural features like plants.

New Kitchen Designs Miami

Bright lighting reflects a kitchen cabinet’s vibrant colors. Flowers can additionally represent perfect compliments for any Italian kitchen. Paintings depicting natural scenes are also staples of this type of kitchen.

The most important part of any Italian kitchen is the wood cabinets. The cabinet selection we provide is second to none.

By constructing every one of our products in-house, and also importing cabinet materials ourselves, we can give you up to 20% off compared to other cabinet retailers.

Many people want a new kitchen. However, their budget often holds them back from pulling the trigger. With Stone International, you can do more with less and finally achieve that new affordable Italian Kitchen in Miami.

A countertop is also an important aspect to consider in any kitchen. Granite and quartz countertops represent a product that is aesthetically pleasing in any scenario. Additionally, you can easily clean them, and they complement an affordable Italian kitchen in Miami perfectly.

We sell Stone International products at a wholesale price. This includes our quartz and granite countertop selection. This saves you money on your kitchen renovation budget. As a result, you can achieve that kitchen you desire with some space left over in your budgeting.

Stone International maintains quality relationships with the best people in the stone industry. In fact, we work closely with every major stone distributor in the South Florida area. This enables us to pass our savings onto you.

With Stone International, you receive a top-quality product, and all for a top-quality wholesale pricing. With our reliable material selection and construction, our team ensures that your beautiful countertops last you a lifetime. In addition, to build quality, we provide this wholesale discount to our customers. With Stone International, you just can’t lose!

Wholesale Kitchen Counters

Every homeowner vaunts different views about Italian kitchen design. Some feel an Italian kitchen needs a contemporary look. However, other people view Italian kitchen design as a room with a classic feel bolstered by Italian drawer and door style.

Nevertheless, with Stone International, we can meet either of these needs, or we can blend the two into a look that is entirely new. If you desire an Italian kitchen in Miami, start your remodel with the experts from Stone International.

No matter why you begin remodeling your kitchen, you can find a quality product selection from our company. Need to add some space? We offer a diverse product selection for any of your needs.

Additionally, the SI team is committed to customer service in every interaction we experience with our clients. For this reason, our customers just seem to love us. This is a result of a tireless commitment to our clients, in addition to our enlistment of quality materials and construction.

Any Stone International product is comprised of entirely wood materials. This includes the storage box body which we construct using plywood boxes. To add something extra, we stain these boxes to match the cabinet’s exterior. This is something you will not find from any other kitchen cabinet retailer.

For more information on an Italian kitchen in Miami as well as what can provide you, contact one of our professional team members from Stone International today! We want to help you achieve the kitchen remodel of your dreams!

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