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Buying wholesale granite from us saves you both time and money, sparing you from the many headaches that come with home renovations. In addition to getting the best deal on granite, you’ll get the best quality of granite. Because we have our own manufacturers, we ensure you get the highest quality product for the best price. We know exactly what goes into the manufacturing process, giving us full access to quality control. 

Wholesale Granite at Stone International | Miami

With its swirling patterns and specks of color, granite is without question the most popular stone type that we see used in countertop applications today. Granite is one of the best choices for kitchen cabinet tops, floors, and other frequently trafficked and used surfaces due to its reliability, durability, density, and its resistance levels to high temperatures.

Granite offers a unique beauty only in nature and adds a character and warmth that is beyond compare when using synthetic materials. This elegant façade never goes out of style and is often heavily featured in kitchen counter design and custom vanity tops.

Granite slabs are a popular material choice in transitional design style countertop installation, possessing a look that never goes out of style and matches well with virtually any interior while providing a lifetime of enjoyment.

While granite slabs in a commercial sense are not entirely comprised of naturally occurring geological granites, they are sold under the heading of “Granite Slabs” due to their similarly comparable performance. The stone composition of granite slabs are some of the hardest dimensional stones available anywhere and offer extremely high levels of resistance to scratching while having the bonus benefit of being very easy to maintain.


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Granite Counters in Miami Shores

Ensure Everything Goes Right with Your Kitchen Remodel with Wholesale Granite in Miami

Renovating your kitchen countertops can be a long, arduous process. It can be overwhelming, from budgeting to choosing colors and stones to selecting the right installation team. With how pricey granite countertops can be, it’s important to get it right! Here’s why we recommend buying wholesale granite in Miami if you’re looking for new countertops.

Why Buy Wholesale?

Because we directly import our entire all-wood cabinet line and granite countertops, it effectively eliminates the middleman markup. Stone International granite fabricators work exclusively with us, and we are equipped with a 33,000 sq./ft. warehouse. Since we manufacture products and import directly to the United States, we pass our savings onto our customers. We charge 15 – 20% less than our competitors in most cases.

Whether we accommodate a client for a single cabinet fixture or a 300-room hotel, no job is too big or small. We have highly experienced kitchen designers on our staff that are excited to be a part of your home improvement project by sharing their expertise and helping you find the kitchen of your dreams.

Unlike other granite counter retailers that do not offer wholesale products, Stone International provides an enormous variety of colorways and patterns so you can have the granite countertops of your dreams. Instead of spending hours browsing several different stores and sellers to find the perfect match for your kitchen, Stone International has everything you need and all the colors and patterns you can imagine. We even provide in-home installation for your convenience—we are your one-stop-shop!

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