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Wholesale Granite in Miami

Is Granite Really a Thing from the Past? Difference Between Granite and Quartz

Wholesale Granite in Miami

Making changes to your home’s decor requires making various decisions. Everything from your living room curtains to the color of your kitchen cabinets can make a difference in adding your own personal touch. For top quality materials at an affordable price, Wholesale Granite in Miami is your best bet.

At Stone International, we provide some of the best materials for home renovation around. When you partner with us, you can be certain that you’ll always be receiving incredible products and services. When it comes to selecting a material for your kitchen counter tops, we offer both granite and quartz countertops.

Which stone is superior is frequently up for debate. Some individuals like the appearance of a shiny quartz countertop, while others prefer the sustainability and classic look of granite. Choosing one over the other ultimately comes down to your own personal preferences as a homeowner.

Miami Kitchen Remodeling

Our experts at Stone International provide both options because we truly believe that each is equally fantastic choices. The central difference between the two is that one is naturally occurring while the other is engineered by man. Granite, the natural stone, is 100% cultivated from the earth in blocks and then sliced into slabs. Those slabs are then polished and fitted to be used in combination with various home or commercial furniture.

Contrastingly, Quartz is an engineered stone. Rather than coming solely from nature, it is manufactured by people. While quartz is, technically, partly natural as well, it is not as purely natural as granite. Experts utilize various grades and sizes of quartz crystals to mix with resin and pigmentation to achieve the desired color. A ratio of resin to quartz is established to create the stone and is then cut to fit the appropriate furniture, much like the process involved with creating granite fixtures.

If you are interested in our Wholesale Granite in Miami, we offer them in a variety of colors. These include:

  • Santa Cecilia
  • Uba Tuba
  • New Venetian Gold
  • Giallo Ornamental
  • Tan Brown
  • Colonial Cream
  • Colonial Gold
  • Golden Crystal
  • Taramisu
  • Brass Blue
  • Bianco Antico
  • White Bordeaux 

Granite Kitchen Counter Tops

For some of the best Wholesale Granite in Miami, team up with Stone International and find exactly what you are searching for to renovate your home. Call us today at (786) 930-4722 or click here for more information on how to reach us now!

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