Best Quality Kitchen Cabinets in Miami

Best Quality Kitchen Cabinets in Miami

Get Started on the South Florida Kitchen of your Dreams!

The kitchen is an important place in any home. In most homes, it is the central gathering area for family and friends. The kitchen can also serve as a gateway, showing the face of your home to any visitor who may enter. With an area so vital to the house, it’s important to show pride in your kitchen. And, ensure it’s the best it can possibly be.

When starting on a kitchen remodel, design is at the pinnacle of importance. Choosing the best design plan possible is a big decision. You want to make sure you have a space that flows. But, also has enough space to accommodate your needs, and the needs of your visitors.

Wondering Where to Start?

Choosing the proper cabinets can be a daunting task. Not to mention planning the time schedules necessary to accommodate a kitchen remodel. This is where Stone International steps in, striving to offer the best possible service. Our company’s number one priority is a commitment to customer service excellence. We value customer satisfaction far more than any profit margin. For that reason, we offer our excellent services catered to each customer need.

We began with a simple concept of providing the best quality kitchen cabinets in Miami and the South Florida area. Stone International has developed an exceptional reputation in the South Florida community for our products and services.

Time to Remodel

The time has come to start thinking about upgrading your home, and the most popular upgrades are generally kitchens. A unified concept or centralized motif is very helpful to have in mind when starting this project. Important decisions have to be on everything from the smallest accessory to making sure you get the best materials.

  • A kitchen remodel can be a pretty big undertaking. Especially, when attempting to manage the process entirely on your own. The process includes Choosing materials, setting the proper time schedule, and making design and material choices. With the normal stresses of everyday life that can be truly overwhelming.

When starting a remodel of your kitchen, the first thing to be done is address the old cabinets. From there you must decide whether you’d prefer to refinish the old cabinets, or start fresh with new ones. What if you’d like to install new cabinets? This initial step in the remodel offers you a chance to change or upgrade the overall structure of your kitchen. Tearing out the existing cabinets can give you a blank canvas to work with, on which to paint your future dream kitchen remodel.

Stone International also understands that home remodeling can be a pretty expensive process. We directly import our cabinet line, removing the middle man from the equation. Then, we pass these savings off to our customers. This is beneficial because it allows them to purchase the best quality kitchen cabinets in Miami for a completely reasonable price.

Stone International

Today, Stone International remains a family run company. A company who offers the best quality kitchen cabinets in Miami. And, a comprehensive design service from initial measurement, all the way to fully 3 Dimensional computer generated drawings. Our highly experienced and creative staff can help you streamline the kitchen remodel process. We want to take the stress off of you and your family. Our team is energized, and ready to help you start on the path to having the kitchen of your dreams.

The Best Quality Kitchen Cabinets in Miami

While design aspects and aesthetics are certainly important in the redesign process, build quality, materials, and of course how much time the remodel is going to take is principal. Stone International offers the best quality in natural materials, and at a very affordable wholesale price.

Our cabinets are made of solid wood. No particle or pressed wood materials are included anywhere within our cabinet construction. This natural, durable construction ensures you can have natural looking and long lasting cabinets in your kitchen for a long time. We ensure the best quality kitchen cabinets in Miami by using bass and maple throughout the construction of our cabinets, and ensuring you the.

As a leader of pre-fabricated granite and all wood kitchen cabinets, Stone International can meet any immutable deadline. Stone International offers not only the physical product but also the installation service as well. Our installers are both licensed and insured. You can feel safe knowing you’re getting a professional and dedicated installation in your home.

General turnaround time for a kitchen installation is seven to ten days. We are direct importers of granite countertops, and our granite fabricators work exclusively with our company. We have a massive 33,000 square foot warehouse and showroom. This assures that we should have very limited issues in getting your install done in a timely fashion no matter how big or small the job may be.

Leading Kitchen Design Professionals

Giving you, the customer the best in customer service, build materials, design services, fabrication, and prices. In addition, providing the best quality kitchen cabinets in Miami. We believe that should be the number one priority of any quality South Florida cabinet company. Stone International strives to achieve this goal to the very end. From design to construction, all the way to installation you can be sure you’re getting the absolute best in kitchen remodeling services.

For the best quality kitchen cabinets in Miami, call us at Stone International today at 786-930-4722.