How To Make Your Small Kitchen Space Look Bigger!

Best Small Kitchen Design
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How To Make Your Small Kitchen Space Look Bigger!

Best Small Kitchen Design

You can have fun in a small kitchen. However, sometimes you want this space to feel larger without committing to an entire remodeling project. Changing everything in your kitchen space can represent a hassle in your life.

Kitchen remodels can additional reside outside of your budget. Nevertheless, small changes exist that easily make your kitchen appear larger.

Working in a cramped kitchen space is not a fun experience. This is especially true with guests in your home that transforms cooking into an unenjoyable experience. At Stone International, we want to provide you with the best small kitchen design to help you make your limited space more fun to work with

Some of the best small kitchen design options to transform your space into appearing larger include:

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

  • Let the light in: If you possess large, or many windows in your kitchen, allowing more sunlight passing through your windows can make any room appear larger than it is. A darker room seems more crowded and unpleasant in comparison to a room with plenty of natural lighting.
  • Minimalistic furniture: Utilizing furniture that boasts light frames without taking up much space can help your kitchen seem much larger. Shelves, chairs, and tables all enable you to see what’s behind them. This creates the illusion that more space exists than actually does.
  • Creating recessed shelving: An easy way to increase storage space in the kitchen involved constructing a recessed shelf in your wall between the studs. You do not need to buy extra cabinets and a recessed shelf looks excellent. It naturally aids a small kitchen by feeling larger.
  • Employing horizontal stripes: Similar to clothing, horizontal strips help a room feel larger than it actually is. Painting your cabinets with additional horizontal stripes added to your flooring aids your kitchen by looking far larger than it is.

At Stone International, we can help you create the best small kitchen design that is suitable for your home. Do you feel your kitchen is without adequate working space? We can help you design a kitchen that feels larger than your actual space.

By following our provided steps, you can be closer to the dream kitchen you always wanted. We import our own products, in addition to constructing them in-house. This helps your budget travel even farther when you work with us.

Affordable Kitchen Layouts

The word “home” instills specific images in your mind. These images are unique to yourself. However, people commonly view a home as promoting comfort, affluence, and wellbeing. The best way to achieve this level of pleasure and enjoyment from these surroundings is combining comfort and function.

Our team constructs our cabinets from all wood materials. In fact, every Stone International cabinet product we provide is made from maple, basswood, and plywood. Our cabinets additionally feature plywood constructed boxes, stained on the inside to match the exterior.

Stone International drawer composition is a solid wood front, with additional dovetail manufacturing, full-extension, heavy-duty glides. This allows for reliable, durable, full-length drawer travel.

What all this technical mumbo jumbo means is, our cabinet selection is built to last, regardless of the products you choose. This provides you with a fantastic looking fixture that your family can appreciate for many years.

However, our products do not simply demonstrate flashy aesthetics and reliability. We employ a design and installation team bolstered by three-dimensional modeling software as well.

This is important because our software shows you exactly what our fixtures look like, and where they fit into your existing floor plan. This enables you to optimize your existing space, a facet that you cannot overlook when working with less than ideal space.

The quality and diversity we provide is only surpassed by one thing, our team’s commitment to excellence. This is evident when you consider our product value, versus the wholesale pricing we provide.

Stone International represents an industry-leading cabinet manufacturer. We lead in installation in design as well. Our goal is to meet and surpass any customer expectation regarding our service, as well as our products.

Stone International Kitchen Remodeling

Stone International handles your home remodel in every procedural step. This means from the minute you enter our facility with your existing measurements, we take over while working harmoniously with you and your ideas each step of the way.

For more information on affordable kitchen layouts from Stone International, contact one of our professional representatives today. We want to help you achieve the affordable kitchen layouts you dream of!

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