Best Counter and Cabinet Combinations for a Modern Kitchen!

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Kitchen Countertop Installation
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Best Counter and Cabinet Combinations for a Modern Kitchen!

Kitchen Countertop Installation

At Stone International, many customers nowadays ask for a modern looking kitchen to fit their modern lifestyle. We pride ourselves in our ability to give great recommendations for those who sign up for our Kitchen Countertop Installation services, as well as our cabinet installation services. We know all about each type of color, brand, and style that will work well to give you a unique looking kitchen that delivers class, modernism, and style. If you are ready to get the modern kitchen of your dreams today, then call now at 786-930-4722 or click here to make an appointment!

Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets in Miami

What modern kitchen cabinets do we offer?

  • Espresso Shaker Cabinets: This dark and cozy kitchen cabinet gives your home a mature and intricate look, while making it feel modern. These cabinets are the perfect touch to your modernly-decorated home. Find out more here!
  • Off White Cabinets: For a bright and classic kitchen, our off-white cabinets are just for you! White is the go-to color for a modern-looking kitchen, and off-white gives you many opportunities to style with different pops of color. Find out more here!
  • White Cabinets: To get full-blown modernism in your kitchen, white is the best choice for you! This is one of the most popular and successful types of kitchen cabinets that we have for you. Find out more here!

Wholesale Kitchen Countertops in Miami

What modern kitchen countertops do we offer?

  • Frost White: This countertop is a great addition to your modern kitchen. Brighten your kitchen with this classy countertop today!
  • Pure White: This much darker version of white is a great way to spice up the kitchen by giving it a modern touch!
  • Zen Black: Give your modern kitchen a little bit of class with this amazing black countertop.
  • Black Galaxy: Give your home some modern and funky countertop designs with this contrasting countertop today!

Modern Kitchen Redesign

What are the best countertop-cabinet combinations?

  • Espresso Shaker Cabinets and Frost White Countertops: This dark and light contrast will give your kitchen a modern and warm feeling. Wow your friends and family with this amazing combination.
  • Espresso Shaker Cabinets and Pure White Countertops: For a modern, yet easy on the eyes, kitchen, this combination takes it to a whole other level. With warm cabinets and a warm white countertop, you can match the rest of your modern home with this kitchen.
  • Off White Cabinets and Zen Black Countertops: This is a great take on a modern kitchen! Sign up for our Kitchen Countertop Installation services by clicking here!
  • White Cabinets and Black Galaxy Countertops: Give your kitchen a bright look with some gloss and class added from the darker countertops!

For the best Kitchen Countertop Installation services in Miami, call Stone International today 786-930-4722 or click here to make an appointment!

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