Mocha Cabinets or Espresso? We Can Help You Answer the Hard Hitting Questions of your Home Remodeling

kitchen and bathroom cabinets

Mocha Cabinets or Espresso? We Can Help You Answer the Hard Hitting Questions of your Home Remodeling

How to Select the Right Color Wood for your Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

As homeowners begin preparing for a modern kitchen design remodel or a bathroom renovation, they usually wield an idea about what look they want. In these situations, color is everything. The color of the wood finish on your cabinet fixtures can often mean the difference between light, airy aesthetics, or a rich, darker look.

While lighter colors often channel a traditional or rustic feel, darker wood finishes embody a professional, or corporate look. Deciding on the appropriate finish is an important step in optimizing your kitchen and bathroom cabinets aesthetic for a perfect remodel.

Designers impart numerous different choices regarding cabinets. This includes a difficult choice any homeowner must make concerning finish. Each one will provide individual and unique positives and negatives. For this reason, making the right decision for your home remains crucial.

You friends from Stone International want to offer you some information concerning some of our most popular wood finishes. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that what a manufacturer calls cherry, mocha, or walnut, may not reflect the same shade as another company. As you begin matching finishes to your furniture or other accessories, ensure that you compare and contrast the colors. This will help you select finishes that work best together.

Modern Kitchen Design and Bathroom Remodels Utilizing Cherry, White, Espresso, or Mocha Finishes

Cherry kitchen and bathroom cabinets represent the ideal choice if you want your fixtures to impart some traditional elegance. This finish gives a look of natural wood with a slight red tint. Cherry provides a vibrant appearance that ideally works paired with neutral colors like blacks, whites, or grays.

When you prefer a lighter home appearance, a white finish may serve as the perfect option. You can purchase a “white” finish in a variety of shades from grey and off-white, to the blank canvas that a true white cabinet fixture provides.

If your home wields a modern kitchen design or even a contemporary, transitional design style in the restroom, you may benefit from selecting espresso or mocha-colored fixtures. Espresso fixtures impart a deep brown coloration. This look is ideally paired with shiny metal hardware to cultivate a striking contrast with the dark finish.

Despite mocha finishes offering a similar dark tone, the finish is far lighter when viewed side-by-side with the espresso finish. Nonetheless, you can get the most out of this rich finish by pairing the cabinetry with lighter elements. This may reflect lighter colored walls or colorful wall art.

A Variety of Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets from Stone International

While this only reflects a small sample of the finishes that Stone International offers, regardless if you want to exude traditional charm or achieve a sleek, modern kitchen design, we can provide you with a solution.

Ensure that you always consider the color of your existing accessories and appliances before making any selection. For example, a home that is already dark will remain disserved by dark, rich coloration in their cabinet fixtures.

For more information on how Stone International can help you with a kitchen or bath renovation, as well as our variety of cabinet finishes, contact our professional design team today. We can guide you through these challenging decisions and ensure that you obtain the kitchen of your dreams!

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