Top Kitchen Designers in Miami

Top Kitchen Designers in Miami

Top Kitchen Designers in Miami

Many of the homes in beautiful South Florida could be considered classics. Some of the most beautiful blended architecture, both interior, and exterior can be found in the greater Miami area.

Unfortunately, as time goes on, with age, the facades of our home that were once illustrious and beautiful begin to lose their luster. As we quickly approach the summer seasons and then the back-to-back holidays during the fall season, many South Florida residents will be packing their homes full of family and friends. The kitchen is a popular and undeniable meeting spot that is not only for the preparation of food, but a hot-spot for conversation and centralization during parties.

If you’re one of the many people in the South Florida area looking to upgrade your home for the coming seasons, don’t feel bad. That classic home can still remain a classic even with a modern, top-notch renovation while still retaining that beautiful Miami area look.

Stone International

Stone International is a team of cabinet builders and designers. The company was founded in 2004 with the idea that we can provide our customers with a quality, good-looking product for an affordable price. We don’t necessarily want to be pigeon-holed as just cabinet carpenters, however when Stone International offers far more than just cabinet design and installation.

Design and installation of kitchen cabinets are definitely a major part of our business, considering how it is what we were founded on, but our team likes to think of themselves more so as an organization committed to interior design in Miami and all over South Florida.

When looking to redesign your Miami home you may be worried about maintaining a particular aesthetic, and while there are many factors that can go into a unified and cohesive look, the good thing is that there is a myriad of styles and options available to you.

A design conundrum that we commonly see when doing business in the Miami area, is people with classically designed and built homes that have issues finding the proper look that they would like to incorporate into existing architecture. When accomplished successfully what this is known as is transitional design style, incorporating the old with more modern design touches.

At Stone International, we offer a variety of design options and styles for cabinets and countertops and can provide a solution for any design pitfalls that you might have run into. Our cabinets are made from an all wood, non-pressboard construction, ensuring not only a good looking, but long lasting, reliable, and functional product. What good is a new set of cabinets for your beautiful kitchen if they are going to fall apart in an unacceptable, short amount of time?

As stated above, our team isn’t just a bunch of carpenters with hammers. We are Miami interior designers as well! Our service is completely comprehensive and our team will work with you every step of the way from the beginning steps at our Miami design center, picking out what looks good and deciding whether or not it will work with your existing kitchen facilities, all the way to installation where our trained experts will lend their expertise to your renovation.

Interior design in Miami can be a tough nut to crack, but Stone International comes equipped for the job. Not only do we offer cabinets, but countertops as well. We work with every major stone distributor in the South Florida area to provide marble and granite countertops and fully unify the look of your kitchen faculties and ensure that you have the options you need when finally deciding on a kitchen design.

We have provided services to a variety of clients in a variety of homes all over the country. There is no job that is too much for our team and we take pleasure in aiding our customers to have the home of their dreams.

The Top Kitchen Designers in Miami

We know that a home can carry a ton of sentimental value, especially when looking at a home regardless of if it’s in pictures or in person, but we don’t want you to feel bad about wanting something new. Now is as good a time as ever to start making new memories in a fantastic looking transitional design style South Florida home.

It is human nature that over time we inevitable desire growth or change. There’s no arguing it, while we all may be different and unique, we are predisposed to desire change in all of our lives. The important thing is what you decide to do to facilitate that change.

Stone International knows that oftentimes a kitchen isn’t just a kitchen to many people. This is the location in our homes where we’ve had so many great times, conversations, and memories with our loved ones. We understand that the situation isn’t always easy, but sometimes necessary, especially if you’re looking to expand or change to more suitable facilities. Take it from us, we get it, but in the end, we can assure you that you’ll end up happier and more satisfied having a home that not only looks good but is also more functional than it once may have been.

It might take some time, but inevitably we believe that you’ll grow to love your new home as much as the old. While you’ll still be left with the fond memories of the way the home used to look and the times you’ve had there, you can make new memories in a beautiful new home.