Bathroom Remodeling Service in South Miami

​Bathroom Remodeling Service in South Miami

Deciding to remodel a bathroom is a big decision. Not only is it expensive, but it is also an involved process that often takes weeks at a time and takes one of the most important parts of your house out of commission for quite a bit of time. However, if you work with the right bathroom remodeling service in South Miami, you can get your remodeling project done in as short of time and with the best quality possible. Here at Stone International, our team of construction experts are ready to help you with your project from start to finish.

Why Hire a Bathroom Remodeling Service in South Miami?

People are occasionally tempted to DIY construction projects around their home, and only bring in experts for certain parts. However, unless you have the construction knowledge necessary to make sure that you aren’t making any major mistakes, these attempts to save money can actually cost you money in the long run, as people often have to pay to undo certain mistakes. For example, incorrectly laid tile can interfere with installing cabinets or other bathroom fixtures, or leave gaps or even keeping certain elements, like shower doors, from being installed properly.

Inconsistent construction can not only be unattractive but dangerous. Though you may not think of it, there are a lot of dangerous combinations in a bathroom. There are no places in your home where water and electricity play more closely. It’s imperative that an expert handles electrical work and water fixtures. However, even things like painting in the wrong place or trying to install certain light fixtures on your own can end up being very dangerous in the long run. If you hire a bathroom remodeling service in South Miami, then you can be sure that all of your construction is safe and consistent from the beginning to the end.

What Does a Bathroom Remodeling Service in South Miami Entail?

Though we referenced a bit of it above, remodeling a bathroom is a lot more than laying down new tile and installing new fixtures. There is a lot of ‘under the skin’ work that needs to be done and done delicately. 

​Bathroom Remodeling Service in South Miami

1: Planning

A great bathroom remodel starts at the planning stage. Take a good, hard look at your bathroom and imagine the kind of bathroom that would give you the most serenity. You spend a lot of time in your bathroom, doing a lot of the most intimate rituals of your everyday life. Think about what makes you calm, and what kind of things you will be doing in that bathroom. Are you the type of person who loves luxurious baths, or the kind of person who lives for an invigorating shower? Are you both kinds of people? Do you feel like you will need a lot of space to store cosmetics, or a fully lit mirror to apply them? Do you prefer a minimal aesthetic or a more elaborate one? Are you going to need a lot of under-the-sink storage space, or will an over-the-sink cabinet do? 

Once you figure out the functionality of your bathroom, you can think about color and style. Bathrooms generally come in a few different styles, like ‘minimalist’ or ‘vintage.’ However, like home decorating, the possibilities are endless! During this stage, it’s good to think about the style of fixtures in your bathroom, like handles, faucets, and lights, as well as the actual model of bathroom cabinet or bathtub. 

2: Removing

After you plan out your bathroom, the next step is to take out the old one. This removal is a delicate process due to all the electrical and water systems and can be a lot of heavy manual work, as well. During this process, our bathroom remodeling service in South Miami will gut the bathroom, leaving only the fixtures behind. 

3: Electrical

Once the bathroom is stripped, your bathroom remodeling team will go in and put in the electrical fixtures. They will make sure that electrical ports are both accessible and protected from water, as well as making sure you have fixtures for any lights you want, whether they are over the mirror, over the shower, or in the ceiling. This has to be done before almost anything else and is the number one reason why the planning stage is very important. Once the electrical work is done, you are limited in the placement of a lot of items, from where your sink will sit to where your lights can be. 

4: Fixtures

Next, your team will go ahead and put in the “bones” as it were, of the bathroom, or the toilet, sink, and bath. These have to go in before the more surface features to ensure that they all work together seamlessly. 

5: The Floor & Walls

Once all the main fixtures are in, it’s time to do more cosmetic work. During this stage of the process, the team will put in whatever floors you desire, and make sure to line your shower walls with something waterproof. They will also paint the walls and ensure that all of the tiling lines up with your fixtures without any gaps or other problems. A gynecologist does everything, however, from specialized preventative care to surgeries like tying the fallopian tubes. 

6: The Final Touches

After you have laid down tile and painted, your team can finally put on the final touches, like bathroom doors and sink fixtures. This pulls the bathroom together and is the key to giving whatever ambiance you desire.

If you are ready to hire a bathroom remodeling service in South Miami, contact us today!