Bathroom Vanities in Palmetto Bay

Bathroom Vanities in Palmetto Bay

Bathroom Vanities in Palmetto Bay

Bathroom Vanities in Palmetto Bay

At Stone International, our kitchen designs are what we are most commonly known for. However, our bathroom vanities in Miami and renovation successes also are very popular services we proudly offer. As one of the leading manufacturers of kitchen cabinets and counter-tops, we also have highly popular remodeling services that include Bathroom Vanities in Palmetto Bay. These can transform the overall look and quality of the bathrooms in your home, restaurant, business and more!

A bathroom is extremely important to the home. Unfortunately, they are usually pushed aside as one of the less important places in the home. At Stone International, we see the bathroom as an important part of the home that should always look nice and clean, and with our different Bathroom Vanities in Palmetto Bay, your bathroom can reach absolutely that. Our Bathroom Vanities in Palmetto Bay make your entire bathroom area  look modern, crisp, and beautiful!

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What Bathroom Remodeling Services do we offer?

Bathroom Sinks: We have a wide variety of bathroom sink designs that are either modern, rustic, or traditional, depending on the theme you choose for your bathroom. Sink types include Clear Wave Vessel and White Rectangular Sink.

Bathroom Cabinets: You have a large list of options you can choose from to use for your bathroom. Such as Espresso, White, Off-White, and Cherry.

Bathroom Counters: The counter is one of the most eye-catching part of the bathroom, due to the fact that it can be so simple and yet so colorful and complex. We have different granite and quartz options for the counter in the bathroom, such as Titanium Vanity, African Fantasy Valley, Imperial Gold, and Delicate Ice.

Our different designs, affordable prices, and work time is what differentiates us from other bathroom remodeling companies. We can have your Bathroom Vanities in Palmetto Bay designed completely and perfectly installed in less than three weeks! Our team is dedicated and hard working and will deliver expert customer service!

Bathroom Remodeling Company in Miami

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