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Cabinets are the most versatile kind of furniture. They come in every shape and size imaginable, and end up in many rooms in your home. Unlike most of your other furniture, it’s difficult to buy them ‘off the rack’ as they need to be specially fitted into your house, your walls, and your organizational lifestyle.  Because of the need for customized cabinets  when you buy a new house or decide to remodel, it’s imperative that you find a great cabinet company in Miami to ensure that you are getting the best quality for the best price. 

As a cabinet company in Miami, Stone International, works directly with suppliers to bring you the best solid wood cabinets that money can buy for the best prices. By cutting out the middleman, we are able to get you your dream cabinets at wholesale prices.

Why Does It Matter?

Though they seem unassuming, beautiful cabinetry can make or break a room. When you walk into a kitchen, the overall feel of a kitchen comes from its cabinets. Though initially you might see the countertops or the appliances, the cabinets are the dominant furniture of the room. Cabinets determine the style. 

Along with aesthetics, the functionality and sturdiness of your kitchen cabinetry can change how it feels to work, clean, and eat in your kitchen. A drawer that is difficult to pull out, or misaligned cabinet doors can add small annoyances to your day that genuinely don’t need to exist. Well-constructed, beautiful cabinets can do a lot to streamline your life and give you the beautiful kitchen that you deserve. 

What Sorts of Cabinets are There?

There are many types of cabinets to choose from. Here are few of our favorites that we import here at Stone International

1: Shaker Cabinets

Now a staple of our modern, minimalist era, this type of cabinet actually has a long and illustrious history. In fact, for a style of cabinet that is so popular in the modern day, it’s shockingly historical. 

Shaker cabinets were invented by the Shaker sect of Christianity in the 1780s. Shakers believed in simplicity, and their cabinetry reflected that, with four panels surrounding one recessed panel and no other decoration. This style was deemed plain at the time, but was perfectly suited to our modern love of clean edges and flat planes. It adds just enough visual interest to add texture to a room while keeping the geometric edge that makes something modern. If you are looking for a cabinet company in Miami that carries Shaker Cabinets, we have many to choose from.

2: Traditional Cabinets

The next kind of cabinet is the traditional cabinet. This kind of cabinet is more ornate than the shaker cabinet, with carved edges and more ornate decorations. This type of cabinet is still very popular, especially in country-style houses. 

This type of cabinet lends a beautiful, elegant, classy feel to a kitchen that feels truly timeless. This type of cabinet is a bit more difficult to clean, as there are more grooves that can catch dust. However, this is a small price to pay if these cabinets will make your home into an oasis for you.

3: Flat-Faced Cabinets

A more modern twist on cabinetry is the flat-faced cabinet. Unlike the other common types of cabinet, it is devoid of curves, grooves, or extra panels. 

This style of cabinet design gives it a uniquely sleek look that is especially popular in modern, Asia-inspired, or Scandinavian designs. Flat-faced cabinets are easy to clean, beautiful, and extremely chic. They are also common in more industrial settings, such as restaurants and hotels because of their winning combination of simple beauty and ease of care.

Why Choose Wholesale?

Our style of design at Stone International is based around buying directly from the suppliers. This allows us to provide high-quality cabinets with decent price. 

However, there a few other reasons why we choose to buy wholesale from a cabinet company in Miami. One reason is that we are able to closely monitor the quality of the cabinets and ensure that there is no drop off of quality. 

At  Stone International, we are also able to order the exact amount we need, eliminating the unnecessary waste. We are also able to supply a wider variety of finishes and styles by working directly with the suppliers, as we can seek out exactly what you are looking for.

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