Cabinet Renovations in Miami

Kitchen Cabinet Renovations

Wood Kitchen Cabinets, Cabinet Renovations in Miami

Cabinet Renovations in Miami

Cabinet Renovations in Miami

For the Spring time, don’t you want to expand your kitchen space? You spend so much time in that area of your home and it’s inconvenient to deal with tightly confined space. Let our Cabinet Renovations in Miami help you!

Stone International is one of Florida’s leading manufacturers of prefabricated granite and solid wood cabinets. The company is a strongly structured wholesale distributor that offers excellent wholesale prices. Our products are for both commercial and residential projects. Whether it is for your home or your 500 unit condominium project, our Cabinet Renovations in Miami will meet all of your expectations along with any of your rigid deadlines. We also offer installation and fabrication services for all of our products.

Our commitment to excellent customer service and quality products at great prices has lead to mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. When planning your kitchen remodel, it is important to keep in mind that each aspect of the kitchen decor contributes to its overall appearance and feel. Whether it be the style of your cabinets or the color of your counter, they all make an impact. In general, there are usually two directions in which a customer chooses to go: modern or classical. Each have its own special appeal and qualities; it all depends on personal taste. Our Kitchen Renovations Company is here for you!

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Stone International started in South Florida in 2004 with a simple concept in kitchen design and fabrication: the best quality in natural materials at wholesale prices in your home within the shortest possible time. This usually means that in less than a week, an entire new kitchen, wood cabinets and granite countertops could be designed and installed in our client’s house. Our Kitchen Renovations Company has backed the quality of our products with our excellent service. As well as, our commitment to our clients. We understand exactly how much even the smallest details of your home matter. If your kitchen space is too small or just out-dated, allow us to come in and change your entire situation. Your kitchen area is where you spend a lot of time serving your family. By making this special area larger, you now have more ability to bring even more warmth to your home.

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