Find out Why Our Cherry Double Shaker Cabinets Are Such a Popular Option!

Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Find out Why Our Cherry Double Shaker Cabinets Are Such a Popular Option!

Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

When you think about a kitchen renovation, your mind will often first wander to the main attraction of the room: the kitchen cabinets. Whether you are aware of it or not, cabinets play a huge role in setting the tone for your space, and all the decor found in the kitchen typically revolves around the color and style you choose. If you are searching for an elegant, modern twist for your space, our Cherry Kitchen Cabinets at Stone International are the perfect option for you!

It is no wonder why our Cherry Double Shaker cabinets tend to be such a popular option among our clients. Its deep, reddish coloring make them a unique choice that makes a lasting impression on guests who see them. Although these cabinets may seem like an intimidatingly bold choice, they tend to be very versatile and can accommodate more styles than you may think. Depending on the accompanying hardware and fixtures, these cabinets can either give off a minimalist, modern feel or a homey, traditional one.

Similar to our shaker cabinets, these Cherry Kitchen Cabinets provide a warm, natural undertone that the prior is slightly lacking. When combined with our incredible quartz or granite countertops and sophisticated crown molding, you will not recognize your kitchen once the project is complete! Additionally, just like all of our kitchen cabinet products, these are made from only the highest quality materials. Unlike other companies who sell cheaply made pieces to their customers, our Stone International team prides ourselves in carrying sturdy cabinets that are built to last.

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Our Cherry Double Shaker cabinets are not only limited to use in the kitchen. They have the potential of completely transforming your bathroom spaces as well! If it feels like the right time to say goodbye to your worn out and faded decor, a set of our Cherry Double Shaker cabinets can liven up the space and give your bathroom a modern feel.

More often than not, especially in South Florida, our team finds that many homes are still haunted by outdated appliances dating all the way back to the 80s or 90s. By allowing these details to fly under your radar, you are taking away from your home’s true potential. Many of our customers are speechless when they see what a difference a new set of cabinets can make.

If you are unsure as to what colors will best suit your space, our experts at Stone International can provide various options based on our extensive knowledge and experience in the home renovation world. We know which color schemes and styles go best with a room, and we are not stingy with our insight. We will guide you each step of the way to ensure that the result is something you can be proud of and eager to show off to your friends, family, and neighbors.

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For the best in kitchen and bath products and services, team up with Stone International. Call us today at (786) 930-4722 to learn more about our Cherry Kitchen Cabinets or click here for more information on how to reach us now!

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