Closet Remodeling Company in Kendall

Closet Remodeling Company in KendallBefore Your Start Renovating Your Closet

A closet design process should always represent a collaborative one. You will want a closet remodeling company in Kendall who can ensure your need and wants remain a top priority.

Collaboratively working with this business will typically begin with a design appointment or consultation. Not to worry, most companies offer these for free to allow their customers some time and freedom to consider (and finally make) their remodeling decisions.

The design team will want some measurements concerning the closet space, and will probably want to know what you expect to get out of the new transformations. Only after taking these requirements into account can they begin cultivating a new design.

Many companies can design and price a custom closet right there and then. For example, Stone International utilizes state of the art three-dimensional modeling software to help our customers decide.

We primarily rely on this software for kitchen and bath renovations. However, we can also lean on this design tool to outline how a new closet will fit into a potential consumer’s existing space. This can help you see exactly what everything will look like in your home before you make a purchase.

Regardless of the closet remodeling company in Kendall that you choose, as well as their process, you should remain an active part in the design procedure. This includes vocalizing any questions or concerns about what you want to see.

A professional closet remodeling company in Kendall represents a team of closet experts. Nevertheless, you are you, knowing what you like and what you want for your closet. Our team from Stone International intends to share some things you should do before starting your closet remodeling project.

Take Inventory

It’s time to whittle things down. Sell, donate, do whatever you need to do before you even touch that tape rule to take a measurement.

You can begin with the hanging items. Lay out your clothes on a flat surface. Leave the items on the hangers and place them into two piles. One pile is for short items like shirts, and the other will represent the longer items like coats or pants.

This can help you measure the height of each pile and determine your desired closet space. Additionally, keep in mind that your hangers will need sliding space as well. A closet remodeling company in Kendall can use this information to assign real estate for all of your clothes and closet items.

Plan Out Your Interior

Size up your existing space beginning with the left wall. Measure everything precisely. You can sketch to scale on graph paper outlining the length and width of each wall. This will also incorporate information like base moldings and receptacles.

During the process, it is essential that you make a note of sloping ceilings and walls, in addition to any other home oddities. If your facing wall measurements don’t produce the same measurements, at least one angle remains unsquared. Nonetheless, a closet remodeling company in Kendall can provide their transformative services and correct many of these issues.

Determine Your Dimensions

For example, the ideal measurements for a reach-in (non-walk-in closet) reflect 6 to 8 feet wide, as well as 24 to 30 inches deep. The best doors for this space remain a double door design. However, you must make sure your home possesses enough space to swing them open.

The inside of the return walls should also demonstrate a length of no longer than 18 inches to prevent blind alleys. Return walls are where the double doors hinge and swing.

Closet Remodeling Company in KendallStone International – Closet Remodeling Company in Kendall

Many homeowners experience an adjustment period with a new closet design. After all, it can prove difficult adjusting from organized chaos onto a neat, almost OCD-centric space. Nevertheless, it remains essential that you put your new space to work for you.

Your new closet fixture will likely offer you space efficiency over your original design. It is no fun plundering through a cluttered area in search of your favorite coach or jacket. Stone International recommends thinking about labeling shelves to both save time, as well as flood the zone with more order and control.

To learn more about potential new closet fixtures for your home, contact Stone International today. Don’t allow your closet disorganization to run your life, enlist a professional team to get things in order. Our closet remodeling company in Kendall can help you cultivate a unique and functional design that will benefit your home in the short- and long-term.