Custom Kitchen Units in Miami

​Custom Kitchen Units in Miami

Custom Kitchen Units in Miami

If you’re anything like us, the kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s the place where many families come together to cook, eat, and bond. However, a lot of people have kitchens that don’t work correctly for them. Whether it’s cabinets without useful storage solutions or peeling linoleum, at Stone International we believe that your kitchen should be a place that helps bring your family together. 

What Are Custom Kitchen Units?

Though it can seem like all furniture these days is cookie-cutter bought from Ikea, one of the few furniture items that is still generally built made to measure is kitchen units. The fact is, you can’t just go to Ikea and buy your kitchen units. Every kitchen is different in shape, size, and function. What works for one family might be utterly useless for another. Here at Stone International, we pride ourselves on working with each client individually to bring them exactly the right custom kitchen units for their lifestyles and budgets. We work with the original distributors to bring you premium materials at warehouse prices to create your dream kitchen. 

When Do You Need Custom Kitchen Units in Miami?

When you buy a new home, likely, there is already a custom kitchen unit installed. However, even though you might generally like a kitchen in a new house, it’s likely that the more you use it, the more you will find that it doesn’t work exactly the way that you want it to. 

No pre-installed kitchen unit will work as well for you as a custom kitchen unit that was made to suit the size of your home and your cooking habits. Here are a few of the reasons that you might want to replace your cabinets with a custom kitchen unit. 

1: Your cabinets are damaged

The most apparent reason for new kitchen cabinetry is because your cabinets are aging or otherwise damaged. Perhaps you moved into an older house with linoleum that is giving way or doors that don’t close properly on their hinges. Sometimes a kitchen is hiding secret deep water damage or mold. For any of these or numerous other reasons, you might be ready to get a new custom kitchen unit.

2: Your kitchen is wrong for your lifestyle

Do you find that your kitchen is wrong for your lifestyle? Do you love to bake but have an oven that is too small? Do you find yourself without space for your vast collection of collectible Starbucks mugs? Are your cabinets bereft of useful storage solutions? If so, a custom kitchen unit could turn space that frustrates you into space that feels intuitive. Do you have dogs or small children that need to be kept out of cabinets? Shelving that could be installed in a large cabinet to keep it from becoming a black hole of pots and pans? 

There are storage and construction solutions that can make your kitchen a place that you don’t have to figure out, but that feels natural.

3: Your kitchen is wrong for your space

Let’s face it: Sometimes, the people who initially construct a kitchen don’t do it with real people in mind. They’re working from a form that sometimes is dramatically wrong for your space. In a small house, badly spaced cabinets and counters can make cooking more of a chore than a joy. Not having enough counter space can make cooking far more difficult than it needs to be, and trying to find storage space in a tiny kitchen with cabinets without storage solutions is a constant exercise in frustration. 

In the same way, having too much space can be a problem too. When creating custom kitchen units in larger houses, it’s easy to throw a lot of cabinets in that aren’t useful for, you know, storing things. 

Often, having that much-unused space just serves to collect useless clutter over time that can be overwhelming. Instead, there are other things that that space could be used for. Maybe that space would be better served as a display case, or even to fit around a double-wide oven! Maybe a kitchen island could leave space for legs underneath rather than cabinets that just store things you don’t want to think about anymore. 

Create Your Dream Kitchen

If you didn’t design your kitchen, then it is not a kitchen that is working for you. Instead of struggling to make your space useful with stopgap solutions, let us help!

​Custom Kitchen Units in Miami

At Stone International, we help people create the kitchen of their dreams. No matter what your particular problems are, we can work with you to find a unique solution. Contact us today for a quote on custom kitchen units in Miami!