Custom Kitchen Units in South Miami

Custom Kitchen Units in South Miami

Custom Kitchen Units in South Miami

There are not a lot of home products that are custom-made anymore. Today’s market is full of items that are made on assembly lines, waiting for us to fit them into our lives. 

However, you can still find products for your home that are made to measure, perfect for your lifestyle and budget. 

At Stone International, we can create custom kitchen units for homes in the South Miami area that are ideal for you and your home storage needs.

What are Custom Kitchen Units in South Miami?

When you buy a house, a full kitchen is usually part of the home. Many people place a significant amount of value in what kind of kitchen comes in their house. One of the major selling points is, of course, the quality and condition of the kitchen units.

Kitchen units consist of the cabinets and countertops that make up much of your kitchen. Though they can seem the same from home to home, they are, in fact, created to fit the particular kitchen of a particular house, planed and fitted to a unique room. 

However, it is not only the shape of the room that should define the design of your kitchen units. Custom kitchen units in South Miami should be made to suit not only the shape of your kitchen but your lifestyle — with the appropriate amount of shelves, storage solutions, and counter space. 

Why Should I Install Custom Kitchen Units in South Miami?

There are many reasons why you should consider selecting custom kitchen units for your home in South Miami. If your kitchen wasn’t created with you in mind, then you are working at a disadvantage. 

Even though you probably make your kitchen work as well as you can, there is likely a lot of unused space that makes you feel like you are disorganized and somehow overcrowded. 

Ordering custom kitchen units for your home in South Miami gives you the ability to create your space most efficiently. A curated kitchen is a difference between ‘making do’ in your kitchen and allowing your kitchen to feel effortless.

For example, if you have limited space in your kitchen, installing an over-the-sink drying rack can give you a lot more counter space. 

Another way you can optimize your space is by installing shelves in your lower cabinets to not lose valuable space below your counter. Many cabinets, as installed, don’t have the right kind of space to be truly useful. 

Another reason to install custom kitchen units in your home in South Miami is simply that you need new ones for a range of reasons. 

Perhaps your countertops are peeling beyond help, or a slow drip has allowed mold to sink deeply into the wood. Maybe someone who owned the house before you chopped on the bare countertop, leaving marks, or your doors are not correctly hanging on their hinges. 

Altogether, there are a lot of excellent reasons to install custom kitchen units in your South Miami home.

Custom Kitchen Units in South Miami

What To Look For In Custom Kitchen Units

Once you’ve decided on custom kitchen units, it can be challenging to know what the next steps are. After all, this is a major home renovation! 

First and foremost, you need to hire a good contractor. Finding that right contractor is probably the most important part of the project, as bad contractors abound and can create an expensive mess that is difficult to fix. 

Here at Stone International, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality wood cabinets and granite countertops at the lowest possible prices. By cutting out the middleman and working directly with a number of suppliers, we can get solid wood cabinets at prices that are possible for any budget. 

Our team of experts is also well-versed in installing these cabinets in a quick and expert manner, with construction that will last for decades! 

Once you have decided on a contractor, it’s time to meet with your contractor to design your kitchen.

Before this meeting, it’s good to have a few things in mind, such as the color scheme and general theme you want in your kitchen. Are you looking for something industrial? Minimalist or Scandi? Old-fashioned? Knowing a little bit about what you want can help your contractor to realize your dream.

At this series of meetings, you will also set up a schedule for how and when your new custom kitchen units will be installed in your South Miami home.

Once you’ve set up the design and the schedule, all that is left is to put it in! This can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks, depending on how much needs to be removed and your schedule.

If you are ready to install your new custom kitchen units in your South Miami home, contact us today!