Granite Counters in West Miramar

Granite Counters in West MiramarQuite Possibly the Best Countertop Material

When people say something is “hard as a rock,” they might as well be talking about granite. This natural stone forms over millions of years from compressed molten rock beneath the Earth’s surface. For this reason, granite counters in West Miramar remain exceptionally hard, as well as durable.

Boasting heat-resistant properties, granite won’t blister, and rarely chips or scratches. When considering the variety of available countertop materials, granite also remains superior to marble, laminate, and numerous synthetic provisions. Furthermore, granite counters in West Miramar are more beautiful with a luminous and dimensional aesthetic.

Interlocked mineral crystals, primarily quartz and feldspar comprise granite stone. However, manufacturers often include various other components as well. Each one of these ingredients makes granite unique. Feldspar makes up the white swirls we observe in granite slabs, and the light grey veins represent quartz in the composition.

Turning a raw granite slab into an elegant, beautiful countertop requires special tools and skills. In most cases, a granite countertop necessitates custom work, in addition to a professional installation. Nevertheless, many companies offer pre-cut and edge options.

The kitchen design and the location of countertop seams will determine if a homeowner may utilize pre-cut and fabricated granite for their needs.

How Designers Cut Granite Counters in West Miramar

The majority of granite cutting and fabrication takes place during extraction at the quarry site. Designers must utilize special tools and sometimes perform additional work once the granite installation takes place.

To shape granite, manufacturers rely on diamond cutting blades. Although individuals can purchase these at home improvement suppliers, professional designers wield tips and tricks to minimize chipping on the edges of the slab that can occur due to the blade’s vibration.

Cutting natural stone dry creates a substantial amount of dust. For this reason, installers also commonly employ a specialized vacuum attachment that can reduce the amount of mess or cleanup.

Installers and designers can also shape granite stone in several different ways. These include curved, beveled, flat, and rounded. Nonetheless, shaping granite counters in West Miramar can still provide a notable challenge in matching edges, as well as shaping corners.

Installing Granite Counters in West Miramar

It doesn’t matter if homeowners want pre-fabricated or customized stone for their kitchen countertops, the procedure remains very labor-intensive. Installers must make meticulous measurements and wield substantial skill for the best possible results.

The first step in installing granite counters in West Miramar is pulling out appliances and removing the affixed sink from the existing countertop. When the old countertop is affixed with screws, installers must also empty out the cabinets and remove any draws and doors. This enables them to access the screws for removal.

Installers will also take accurate measurements while noting details like appliance openings to ensure that the edges remain flush with the ends of the cabinets. They will also account for the thickness of an existing backsplash. This guarantees that kitchen fixtures like spickets and temperature control knobs can fit between the sink and these areas.

The silicone that installers administer between slabs enables the countertop stone to expand or contract. As they finalize the installation, they will additionally apple a special epoxy that holds the granite in place. This epoxy blends in with the color of the granite slab through colored resin within its composition.

The good news for homeowners is that it is much easier to maintain their granite counters in West Miramar than install or fabricate them. In most cases, all they need to do to clean granite is administer a mixture of white vinegar and water. This cleaning solution is ideal to maintain a clean aesthetic, as well as the integrity of the countertop surface.

Granite Counters in West Miramar from Stone International

Granite Counters in West MiramarThinking about undergoing a kitchen remodeling or renovation project? Granite is an exceptionally popular countertop material that stands the test of time. When you research the potential materials for your new kitchen, you’ll quickly discover that granite is often the ideal solution for almost any need.


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