10 Must-Have Kitchen Cabinet Accessories for Easy Cooking

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10 Must-Have Kitchen Cabinet Accessories for Easy Cooking

Having a super-functional kitchen has never been more essential. With a renewed focus on home cooking, the demand for kitchen cabinet accessories that can make the cooking experience hassle-free and enjoyable has skyrocketed.

In recent years, an increasing number of people have recognized kitchen cabinets’ crucial role in their cooking experience. A study conducted by the National Kitchen and Bath Association explores the importance of well-designed kitchen cabinets in the modern home, hinting at a new trend in kitchen furnishing – accessorizing cabinets for maximum usability.

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, there are several cabinet accessories you simply cannot do without. Let’s check out the top 10 of these must-haves.

1. Pull-Out Cabinet Organizers

Pull-out Cabinet Organizers are an excellent addition to any kitchen, promising both organization and convenience. Cooking often involves an assortment of pots, pans, baking sheets, and other utensils. These items are often stacked and crammed in a standard cabinet, making it difficult to find and retrieve a specific item without removing or disturbing everything else.

That’s where pull-out cabinet organizers come in. They increase the efficiency and ease of access in your kitchen. These organizers convert a standard kitchen cabinet into a functional storage space where everything has a place. Each pot, pan, or utensil can be comfortably arranged in individual slots, entirely eliminating the troublesome need to stack items.

Also, because they pull out, viewing and accessing items at the back of the organizer is easy. This straightforward feature promises a smooth and hassle-free cooking experience, making pull-out organizers a must-have kitchen accessory. It creates order in your cabinets, prevents damage to your cookware from stacking, and saves you valuable time spent searching for the right pot or pan.

2. Built-In Spice Racks

Built-in Spice Racks are another essential kitchen accessory that every home cook needs. Whether you’re an amateur cook or a professional chef, spices are the heart of any recipe, bringing your dishes to life with rich flavor profiles. Keeping them organized and ready to use is crucial for a smooth cooking process, making built-in spice racks a game-changer for kitchen organization.

These cabinets are integrated into your kitchen cabinet or pantry door, providing a neat and compact space for storing all your spices. Each rack can accommodate multiple spice jars, allowing for a clear visual and easy access to your desired spices. Built-in spice rack adds convenience, speed, and efficiency to cooking by keeping your spices neatly displayed and within arm’s reach.

3. Shop Vertical Tray Dividers

As an ideal organizer tool, this cabinet accessory significantly improves your kitchen’s overall organization and storage system. They can be easily installed in your base cabinet or deep drawers, transforming your space into a neatly arranged system where each board, tray, or sheet has its own slot. Stack your items vertically rather than horizontally, and you’ll see a significant difference.

Choosing the perfect Vertical Tray Dividers is a simple task. As you shop for this accessory, you will find a variety of designs available in the market. Whether you prefer a chrome finish or a clean, white design, the choice is yours to make. They come in different sizes, too, so be sure to order a size that will fit into your desired kitchen cabinet.

4. Kitchen Cabinet Accessories: Lazy Susans

The design of a Lazy Susan is such that it spins or slides out, presenting all items in a clean, organized manner. You can simply rotate it with a swift motion of your hand, reducing the need to reach far into the cabinet’s blind corners. This feature is one that many homeowners find incredibly helpful, especially in a bustling kitchen where every second counts.

Some of these rotating trays come in a chrome or wire design, while others may offer a wood or a whitewashed finish. Depending on your kitchen’s aesthetic, you can select one that harmonizes with your cabinet’s overall look. Lazy Susans serve more than just a functional purpose. They can also add a touch of sophistication and order to your kitchen, serving as an elegant storage solution that complements the rest of your cabinet accessories.

5. Under Cabinet Lighting

Under Cabinet Lighting is a remarkable accessory that takes kitchen cabinet functionality and decor to the next level. Providing an elegant solution for your lighting needs enhances your kitchen’s overall design and aesthetic.

As a kitchen cabinet accessory, under cabinet lighting offers additional illumination exactly where you need it, giving you clear visibility when prepping meals or cleaning up. It’s an essential accessory that helps eliminate shadows under your cabinet bases, turning your workspace into a bright and welcoming area that can boost your cooking mood.

You can choose from various designs when shopping for under-cabinet lighting. Whether it’s a solid strip of LED lights, individual spotlights, or puck lights with a sleek, modern finish, you’ll find an option that complements your kitchen decor perfectly. 

modern kitchen cabinets6. Kitchen Deep Drawer Storage

Deep drawer storage is a fantastic feature to add to your kitchen to enhance overall organization and efficiency. As a go-to solution for storing larger items like pots, pans, and even some smaller appliances, a deep drawer is a must-have cabinet accessory for every well-equipped kitchen.

One of the most significant benefits of deep drawer storage is its ability to keep your kitchen neat and organized. You can further improve the organization by adding a drawer organizer or an adjustable cutlery tray, separating cutlery from cooking utensils.

7. Built-in Trash And Recycling Bins

Built-in Trash and Recycling Bins are fundamental accessories in today’s kitchen designs. They offer an effective way to enhance organization, keep your kitchen clean, and encourage eco-friendly practices.

Tucked away under the base cabinet or within drawers, these bins are strategically positioned for easy access during meal prepping and clean-up. They slide out smoothly without disturbing the overall decor and aesthetics of the kitchen. You hide the trash by choosing this cabinet accessory while maintaining nearness and accessibility.

Incorporating built-in trash and recycling bins into your kitchen’s design is an excellent choice for organization. The dual-bin system can conveniently separate general waste and recyclables, making disposal and recycling effortless.

8. Swing Out Pantry

A Swing Out Pantry is an incredibly practical and stylish accessory that brings efficiency and organization to your kitchen. This versatile storage solution effectively stores and accesses your ingredients, snacks, and other kitchen essentials.

This pantry features multiple adjustable shelves on a convenient swing-out mechanism and provides easy access to every shelf and item within it. Rather than struggling to reach items stored in a blind corner or base cabinet, the swing-out design allows you to view and access everything you need without any strain.

Upgrading to a swing-out pantry can significantly enhance your kitchen’s organization and storage capacity. The pantry’s shelving system can store various items in different sizes, from snack packs to large bottles. You can easily rearrange the pantry according to your storage needs with the adjustable shelves and racks.

9. Wine and Stemware Racks

Wine and Stemware Racks are sophisticated kitchen cabinet accessories that elegantly display and store your wine collection and glassware. Whether you’re a casual wine enthusiast or a connoisseur, having your favorite bottles and glasses within easy reach adds convenience and infuses a touch of class into your kitchen decor.

These racks can be installed in various settings, from a dedicated cabinet to a simple under-cabinet space or even on the wall, depending on your kitchen’s design and space availability. Installing these accessory pieces is effortless, and once they’re in place, the transformation they bring to your kitchen is immediate. 

Wine and Stemware Racks are essential for wine connoisseurs and those who desire a well-organized kitchen. Fusing functionality and elegance, these racks provide an ideal storage solution that keeps your kitchen clutter-free while showcasing your aesthetic taste.

10. Appliance Garage

An Appliance Garage is an innovative kitchen accessory that helps keep your countertops neat and clutter-free. This unique storage solution houses small appliances like toasters, mixers, or coffee makers, thereby maintaining a clean and organized look in your kitchen.

Appliance Garages can be installed on your countertop or integrated into your upper or base cabinet, depending on your space and design preference. The door can be a roll-top style, hinged, or even a sliding door. Regardless of the style and finishing option you choose, be it wood, metal, or wire, this accessory will be a valuable addition to keep your kitchen clean and organized.

These garage units are not merely for aesthetics; they also contribute to extending the lifespan of your appliances. They protect your appliances from dust, accidental spills, and potential damage from other items moving around on the counter. 

Equipping your kitchen with an Appliance Garage significantly enhances kitchen organization. 

Creating A Cabinet Accessories Plan For Your Kitchen

Creating a well-thought-out cabinet accessories plan is essential to transform your kitchen into an efficient, organized space. Here’s how to devise a functional and practical plan for including the right accessories in your kitchen:

1. Planning For The Right Accessories

The first step in designing a kitchen cabinet plan is identifying your specific needs and preferences. Reflect on your cooking habits and consider the following:

  • What items need organizing?
  • Which storage solutions would optimize your kitchen space?
  • What areas require easy access and improved functionality?

These considerations will guide you toward selecting appropriate kitchen cabinet accessories, such as Rev-a-shelf, drawer organizers, and built-in bins.

2. Taking Measurements And Considering Space

A well-planned cabinet accessories setup ensures that your kitchen remains accessible while maximizing storage.

  • Measure the dimensions of your cabinets and drawers. This helps you choose the right-sized accessories that fit smoothly into the existing cabinet hardware.
  • Factor in the height and square footage of your space. This will help you select accessories that provide optimal storage without appearing overwhelming.
  • Consider the location and installation of your accessories. It’s crucial to ensure easy access and avoid interfering with your existing cooking space. 

You may opt for custom configurations or removable solutions that are easily adjustable.

Shopping for kitchen cabinet accessories can make a world of difference in your organization and cooking process. Choose items that will maximize your space and provide easy access to everyday tools. 

Always keep functionality at heart when choosing accessories for your kitchen design. When well-chosen and efficiently arranged, these accessories contribute to a slick, clean, and organized kitchen that offers a seamless cooking experience. 

Visit Stone International today and transform your kitchen with superior accessories that combine utility, design, and quality for unparalleled kitchen organization.


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