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Planning a Kitchen Remodel?

We can assume that if you reach the phase where you actually plan for your kitchen remodel, you possess a vision. You will want to make this space uniquely yours. However, there is one specific caveat. Ensure that you remain careful in all your uniqueness.

You spent the time picturing this kitchen for years, and now is the time to make it a reality. However, if you end up selling your home, you will want a kitchen that is something you love now but is appealing towards a buying later on.

The average American will move over 11 times in their lifetime. For this reason, balancing uniqueness, as well as neutrality is vital.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that your new kitchen cannot wield your individual touch. Contrarily, this just means you should ensure that the kitchen staples like cabinets and appliances should remain neutral. Elements that you can easily change out, including light fixtures and accessories, can express some of your personal styles.

Stone International a kitchen cabinet manufacturer in Miami wants to help you with some pertinent information concerning where you can go neutral, as well as where to go a little wild with your kitchen remodel.


On average, a kitchen remodel might cost over $20,000. Cabinets, appliances, countertops, and flooring often represent the most significant expenditure. These areas demonstrate where you should invest in extremely high quality while remaining minimalist in individuality.

  • Cabinets – A transitional cabinet set is substantially versatile. This makes them an ideal solution for virtually any kitchen space.
  • Appliances – Retro and colored appliances continue increasing in overall popularity. However, the safest investment is in aesthetically pleasing, but neutral appliances such a stainless steel, gray, or black finishes.
  • Countertops – Stone, granite, marble, or quartz countertops all serve as extremely stylish but neutral options.
  • Flooring – Flooring is not an area where you should cut corners. Due to the fact that it is not easily changed out when you sell your home. For this reason, select flooring that stands up to the wear and tear of daily use.

Unique Individuality

These areas demonstrate ideal areas where you can express yourself. With the foundation of your kitchen, including kitchen cabinets, you invest in a premier-quality, albeit potentially basic neutral aesthetic.

However, you can thoroughly demonstrate your unique individuality in the areas you can change out when you sell the home. These include:

  • Lighting – Hang some stylish lighting over an island. When you go to sell the home, you can easily remove this provision to something more traditional or basic.
  • Cabinet Hardware – Some unique drawer or door pulls can add unique and stylish individuality, sometimes even transforming the entire aesthetic of the kitchen.
  • Wall and ceiling colors – You can make these essentially any color you want. After all, you can always paint over it when the time comes to sell.
  • Rugs and curtains – These represent possibly the easiest way for unique funkiness. When you sell, pick up the rug, and tear down the curtains and you are ready to go!
  • Furniture – Want a vintage 70’s look? Go for it! When all is said and done, you can show off some pastel colors and then swap them out for something neutral while you stage and show off your home to potential buyers.

A kitchen remodeling project represents a significant investment for anyone. You want this investment to demonstrate worth for every penny you invest. However, this does include the pennies you make or lose when you sell your home down the road.

Making the Most of Your Kitchen Remodel

It is entirely possible to add touches of your own individual style to your kitchen remodel while making a smart investment. Simply follow these aforementioned tips from kitchen cabinet manufacturer in Miami, Stone International.

As you contemplate your remodel, ensure that you remember other homeowners may want to purchase your home down the road. These individuals will want to cook in the kitchen and live in the living room.

Although we all love our first homes, statistically the chance remains high that it isn’t your forever home. This means you might want to continue your remodel with resale somewhat in mind.

However, you shouldn’t base a kitchen remodel specifically off of resale value and appeal. A new kitchen is a big investment, and ensuring this investment pays off makes financial sense. Nonetheless, as you continue designing, you can certainly add some personal touches that you can change out easily later on.

This means creating the kitchen that you want, with a future appeal in mind. It is entirely possible to personalize your kitchen to reflect your personality while still cultivating an appealing environment for others as well.

Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer in Miami – Stone International

Many individuals think that our kitchen cabinet manufacturer in Miami reflects a bunch of carpenters with tool belts. However, we look at the situation as we represent more interior design specialists.

Although we do make custom kitchen cabinets, we extend our services to design and full remodeling from start to finish. We can help you cultivate an appealing environment for buyers, while still retaining your unique and individual style.

For more information on precisely how we can help you, contact the expert design team from Stone International today! We can offer you a free in-home estimate from a home renovation expert! Our team wants to help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams, providing everything you need for a wholesale price!