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Modern Trends in Kitchen Cabinet Design

Kitchen cabinets do not just provide storage space for homeowners, they represent a crucial element to any kitchen style during a home remodeling project. Cabinetry serves as a special touch that can tie the room together.

In general, cabinet design has not changed very much in the last decade or so. However, a few design facets have evolved regarding kitchen cabinetry over time.

Modern kitchens impart streamlined looks that typically focus on both simplicity, as well as minimalism. Nonetheless, in some homes, you will discover some bolder attributes. Although simple cabinetry continues growing in popularity, many homeowners still prefer unique, custom styles that let them make a statement.

If you want to design your dream kitchen, it is essential that you understand what attributes remain important to you. Once you nail this down, you can incorporate some of the latest kitchen cabinet trends around these needs.

Our kitchen cabinet manufacturer in Weston wants to impart some information concerning some of the latest trends that continue dominating kitchen design styles in 2018. Stone International hopes that this information can help make the right decisions as you begin cultivating the perfect kitchen for your home!

Oak Wood

Oakwood was a trendy cabinet style from the 1970’s through the start of the 90’s. Many homeowners began switching to maple and cherry finishes, in addition to manufactured wood materials.

Despite this migration to pressboard materials for many cabinet makers as well as consumers, homeowners are now returning to wood materials they can acquire from a quality kitchen cabinet manufacturer in Weston like Stone International.

Like many other areas in the home, homeowners see renovations as an opportunity to connect to their past, renewing attention to vintage looks within the home. Oakwood remains popular due to its neutral color, dimension, and texture. The material remains a versatile choice that fits well within modern simplicity, as well as a rustic alternative.

Nowadays, any quality kitchen cabinet manufacturer in Weston will products a variety of styles and finishes using oak. These provisions include recessed panels and flat slabs, as well as natural or painted finished to suits multiple needs.

Transitional Design Style

Especially in a culturally diverse area like South Florida, transitional design style is a popular mainstay in kitchen redesigns. This style essentially incorporates the old with the new, a true constant that travels throughout stylizations.

Homeowners can include contemporary elements in classic and rustic styles. This might mean new, sterile appliances with stone-designed tiles, or even a traditional wood picnic style dining table in an otherwise modern home.

Concerning kitchen cabinets, transitional design style is nothing new. This serves as an ideal option for individuals that prefer a comfortable, homey style, but still, want modern amenities and designs.

If the minimalism of contemporary kitchen cabinets appeal to you, but you simply cannot let go of the nostalgia from your past, a selection from Stone International’s design team may represent the optimal solution. Our kitchen cabinet manufacturer in Weston can help you achieve an elegant, yet comfortable transitional design style in your home.

Customized Colors

Homeowners no longer express satisfaction with pre-made or predetermined kitchen designs. Any of us can appreciate a unique design that incorporates individual character and personality. Color represents one of the most effective ways to impart individuality in the kitchen.

By showing off a different color of paint on a set of kitchen cabinets, homeowners can truly separate themselves from the typical kitchen look. Many kitchen cabinet companies even pair with pain companies to offer an essentially limitless selection of color options.

Nevertheless, light tones reflect the most popular options for the modern homeowner. This is due to their simple, soft look. This projects a timeless style that can perfectly complement other fixtures and staples in the kitchen space.

However, don’t count out the allure of shades on the darker end of the spectrum. These finishes impart stark elegance and class that many homeowners desire in their homes.

Stone International – Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer in Weston

In recent years, kitchen cabinetry has transformed more than any other time throughout its history. Advanced technology in combination with rapidly changing homeowner tastes has led to a rise in widely varied styles.

Today, the home renovation trend is towards customizability, as well as personalization. Between color, finish, and design, homeowners genuinely appreciate unique and personal options in their homes. If you want to build a new kitchen or renovate an existing kitchen, a professional, quality, kitchen cabinet manufacturer in Weston is the best possible option for your needs.

Stone International is a crucial resource for homeowners beginning their kitchen or bath renovation projects. We base our business in the South Florida area. However, we extend our superior services on a national level with stores all over the country.

Our goal is providing our clients with top-quality cabinet options, as well as a variety of custom selections. This includes utilizing our kitchen design time and state-of-the-art three-dimensional modeling software. This software enables a homeowner to view their potential new fixtures inside of their existing space.

With the Stone International design software, we can ensure you make the right selection for your needs before committing to purchase or installation. For more information on our kitchen cabinet manufacturer in Weston, contact the dedicated team from Stone International today. We want to help you realize the kitchen space of your dreams.