Kitchen Remodelers in Florida

Kitchen Remodelers in Florida

Kitchen Remodelers in Florida

The time has come! Summertime in South Florida is rapidly approaching again, and soon your home is going to be filled with the sounds and hubbub of a South Florida summer. The kids are out of school, and friends and family members are taking some time off from work to enjoy some fun in the Florida sun once again.

Summertime in the greater Miami area is one of the best times we have to get together with friends and family for some rest and relaxation, and with the summer season rolling around once again it’s increasingly likely as the days go by your home will soon be filled with your friends, your family, not to mention your kids friends as well looking to pop in from the pool for a cold drink.

The kitchen is the central hub of commotion for most homes. We prepare our meals here; some people even eat in the kitchen. With the kitchen being such a vital hub in the home for fun and comradery, it may be time for a custom kitchen remodeling.  

It can certainly be fun, showing off new appliances or flooring to visitors, but what’s really the face of your kitchen? Since they are generally the immediate façade that people see when entering your kitchen or eating area, and take up the most space, we think the answer would undeniably be your kitchen cabinets.

If the time has come for you that you are ready to upgrade your home with a kitchen renovation in Miami, then you may be feeling overwhelmed with the design options available to you for your home. This is not an uncommon feeling as there are so many different models and constructors of kitchen cabinets, counters, etc. out there, and you definitely want to make sure that you’re not only getting a good looking product but a long lasting and dependable one as well. Dependability is very important as kitchen remodeling in Florida is not a cheap endeavor for any home, let alone some of the luxury homes where some reside in the South Florida area. After all, the ultimate goal behind a remodel or renovation is an improvement, something that shoddy materials will hardly provide. Luckily there are professional companies out there designed specifically for this particular situation in mind.

Kitchen Remodelers in Florida

It is part of the human condition for any of us to ultimately get bored or tired of an unchanging surrounding. The kitchen is no exception, and you may decide that you want newer or updated equipment in your home. However, it is often more about function than just form in the scenario that you’re dealing with a remodel of kitchen and bath in Florida. We see homeowners regularly wanting their common areas to look good, but also may need more space, or be dealing with a worn exterior. In these cases, the cabinetry may still be entirely functional, but might just not fully be equipped for what their needs have become since purchasing the home, or the look has started to lose its luster. Regardless of what the reason may be, the point is that you’re on the lookout for new, functional, good looking facilities.

Stone International is a team of cabinet builders and designers for the kitchen and bath in Florida. We started a business in 2004 with a concept that we were certain would guide our company where we wanted it to go: provide the customer with a good looking product, made from the best possible material quality, for an affordable price.

We were right about one thing, this mantra certainly guided our company in the proper direction and word spread all over South Florida and fed a flourishing reputation that we have been able to cultivate for our company. Our humble beginnings began as a family-owned company, and we remain operated by the founding family today.

On the surface, we may appear to be a counter and cabinet company, but we offer so much more. Stone International is a comprehensive custom kitchen remodeling company based in the South Florida area providing assistance to our clients from start to finish, and helping to streamline the entire process.

Our team makes is their goal to help our customers make the decisions they need to make by working with and educating them on our diverse range of products and services. We are nothing without our customers and the SI team works for them as such, providing the preeminent level of customer service that precedes our sterling reputation.

Ensure a Quality Product

Our level of service would be completely meaningless without being buttressed by a quality product. When beginning a kitchen renovation in Florida, we know that you’re seeking the best possible materials in your new facilities. That is why our cabinets are composed of entirely solid maple or basswood. Being very durable versus that of pressed or plywood, solid wood composition is paramount to a long-lasting cabinet. What this means is, our cabinets are not only good looking but also are durable and reliable as well.

Stone International additionally offers affordable options for granite countertops. We work in a harmonious, symbiotic relationship with every primary stone distributor in the South Florida area, allowing our customers to benefit from this working relationship through their experienced savings.

When looking at kitchen remodeling in Florida for your home, keep the name Stone International in mind. We are a team of quality and experienced kitchen remodelers in Florida ready to go to work for you!