Modern Bathroom Vanity in Miami Lakes

Modern Bathroom Vanity in Miami Lakes

Bathroom Remodeling , Modern Bathroom Vanity in Miami Lakes

Modern Bathroom Vanity in Miami Lakes

To achieve a polished and pleasant bathroom with an easy functionality, every detail of the room needs to be carefully selected and designed to fit the homeowner’s style. Every single appliance is essential and important in the design of a bathroom. There are factors to take into consideration such as, shapes, colors, sink material, installation pattern, etc. Bathrooms should not be just “another” room of the house. It should be unique, creative and especially comfortable. Stone International provides Modern Bathroom Vanity in Miami Lakes for that reason.

Modern Bathroom Renovation

Modern bathroom renovations are all about aesthetics, a modern and innovative bathroom renovation is usually very clean and pleasant to the eye. The accessories and furniture go hand in hand with the overall bathroom style. A modern design is predominated by a bright and minimalistic environment. If you truly want your Bathroom Renovation to achieve a modern and sophisticated look, the cabinets Espresso Shaker, White, and Off White are our most popular models to create this ambient and type of design. And of course, we cannot forget about another important detail which are the counters. The Quartz Counters: Carrara, Valentino, and Frost White are a great option that will fit perfectly to the modern furniture and final look.

Steps to a Modern Looking Bathroom

Set a budget and plan ahead: Always set a budget for your remodeling project and budget for the unexpected. You never know what is going to happen!

Hide the toilet: Nowadays it is very common to have the toilet in a separate room or where you cannot see it. It gives the room a much more clean feeling.

The right surface: When choosing your counter, always think about the aesthetic but also the abuse they will receive. Look for something as quartz, which looks good but is very durable material.

Shower or Tub: Pick between these two, if you love taking baths then chose a tub. But, if you would like to have more space and be able to dance, then the shower is for you!

Vanity Top: Always make room for the vanity. Remember, this is where you will place all of your essential products to do your personal grooming.

Light: An essential factor in a bathroom is light. Beyond not being able to see if we don’t have light, it is also important to choose the right colors and lamps since they set the mood, not only in the bathroom but everywhere.

Bathroom Renovations in Miami

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