Modern Bathroom Vanity in Miramar

Modern Bathroom Vanity in MiramarModern Bathroom Vanity in Miramar


Many people don’t think twice about the style of their bathroom vanities if they are well designed. However, if you have ever struggled with a bathroom vanity that didn’t suit your lifestyle, then you know the importance of functional, beautiful bathroom vanity. If you struggle with storage space, lack of convenience, and a lack of serenity in your bathroom, let us at Stone International help you with making your bathroom a beautiful, functional space.


What is a modern bathroom vanity?


There are several styles of bathroom vanity that have varied dramatically over the years. The most common options include the spartan bathroom vanities that had only a sink and a medicine cabinet, or the traditional, ornately carved traditional style vanities. However, the modern vanity has reigned supreme in recent years. With chic lines and creative, maximized storage, modern vanities are usually the perfect solution for smaller bathrooms. 


What makes a perfect modern bathroom vanity?


According to us at Stone International, a bathroom vanity has a few essential parts:


1: The cabinets


The cabinets of a bathroom vanity are some of the most vital elements of the vanity! Where older vanities often forwent the cabinetry in favor of a solitary sink and a medicine cabinet, nowadays bathrooms try to save space and enable organization whenever possible. They are also the piece with the largest real estate in your bathroom, and therefore make one of the largest statements. A modern cabinet in the bathroom is usually a shaker-style cabinet or flat-faced modern cabinets, topped with granite or quartz of some kind.


2: The countertops


Countertops can add a beautiful sense of elegance and serenity to a bathroom. Older bathroom vanities had countertops of wood or linoleum, but a modern bathroom usually has countertops of granite, marble, or quartz. These stone countertops are easy to clean, last for a lifetime, and adds a touch of luxury to your morning and evening routines. 


3: The sink


One of the essential elements of the bathroom vanity is the sink! There are many styles of sink, but modern bathrooms lean in two directions: round sinks sunk into the countertop and floating sinks that add more counter space. The “floating” sink is one where the sink bowl is set on the countertop rather than inside of it. This lends a distinctly zen feel to your bathroom and feels both old and new at the same time. A sink that is sunk into the countertop is the most common option; however, due to ease of cleaning and use. These sinks are a more traditional option but can be made modern in feeling with shape and faucet choices. 


4: The mirror


In the modern vanity, the mirror is less of a focal point than it has been in previous eras. However, it is fairly common to have large, square mirrors in modern style bathrooms. In previous eras, there were frames on the mirrors, and mirrors were often rounded in shape. In the era of the modern vanity, mirrors usually do not have frames. Instead, they are angular and often very large, taking up a lot more space on the wall than was common before. This can make a small bathroom look much larger, and make your bathroom a peaceful place to be.


Take a look at a few of the bathroom vanities that we have done previously at Stone International!


Why choose a modern bathroom vanity in Miramar?


There are many reasons to choose a modern bathroom vanity. Not only are they usually the most efficient option, but the elements of most modern designs are also intended to help you clear your mind and be at peace in your surroundings.


1: Efficiency


Modern bathroom vanities are simply more efficient than previous models of vanities. They are usually designed with space-saving and organization in mind, with many small drawers, cubbies, and shelves in the cabinetry so that countertops can remain clear. Other styles of vanity are often more focused on form than function and can be less efficient in this regard. For example, the common modern trend of floating sinks saves space both on the countertop and under it. It maximizes the counter space available and keeps a huge chunk of space under the sink free for shelves or baskets. 


2: Serenity


The bathroom is the place where you begin and end each day. It’s the place where you prepare to face the world and do some of the most private rituals to prepare yourself for sleep and relaxation. Your bathroom vanity must have the space and efficiency to accommodate you and the products you use in your everyday life. Modern vanities, with their combination of sleek cabinets and stone countertops, can add a touch of luxury and beauty to your day that makes things just a little bit easier. 


Where to get a modern bathroom vanity in Miramar?


Modern Bathroom Vanity in MiramarLet us at Stone International come alongside you as you consider remodeling your bathroom. We source wood and stone ourselves to cut out the middleman and bring you luxury materials and quality craftsmanship and reasonable prices. Contact us today!