Modern Bathroom Vanity in South Miami

Selecting the Perfect, Modern Bathroom Vanity in South Miami

Modern Bathroom Vanity in South MiamiChoosing the best vanity for your bathroom renovation requires significant planning, as well as careful attention to detail. With so many decisions you must make while remodeling your bathroom, how can you choose the perfect modern bathroom vanity in South Miami for your needs?



For many homeowners, a new vanity can serve as a simple bathroom makeover. Some even elect to go for a complete update by selecting a sink, countertop, or faucet all at the same time. Although this may not seem like a big deal while considering a bathroom remodel, it can transform the room entirely from form to functionality.

Nevertheless, if you feel apprehensive about your selection of a new modern bathroom vanity in South Miami, the Stone International team is here to help! We can impart a few tips that may help you make a selection, and know when it might be the right time to switch out that dusty old vanity.

Settle on a Layout for Your New Bathroom

Before you decide on a finish, it is essential to understand what you need out of your bathroom space. A new vanity comes in a variety of different sizes and forms. For this reason, you must think about what you really want from your new, modern bathroom vanity in South Miami.

While you might not intend for your new fixture to maximize space, some can make a space look substantially bigger, even offering added leg and arm room. Other vanities will come with pre-installed shelving to ensure that your products possess a space to call home, freeing up counter and floor space as well!

Think About Your Style

Once you decide on a layout, you can start thinking about what everyone looks at with a new vanity: the style. Do you like traditional or modern style cabinets? Thought about maybe installing a pedestal sink with all your newfound countertop space?

Homeowners often weigh the risk of function and form as they migrate between free-standing vanities, floating vanities, wall-mounted countertops, as well as open or closed shelving. This is a lot to think about while visiting with a designer. You can save some time by possessing at least a vague idea about what you want your new modern bathroom vanity in South Miami to look like.

Is It Time to Replace Your Bathroom Vanity?

If you remain unsure about replacing your bathroom vanity, Stone International has some advice to share on the matter. If any of the following scenarios feel familiar, make sure you think hard about getting an upgrade:

Selling a Home Soon

If you plan to (or already) put your house on the market, you will want the home to look like a showplace. This means ensuring your bathroom provides a vanity that fits with an overall, comprehensive style.

In this scenario, especially for older homes, replacing an old or outdated vanity with a modern bathroom vanity in South Miami is a prudent idea. You never know, it might even make you some extra cash for your efforts!

Running Out of Space

An exceedingly common reason many replace their vanities is because their needs outgrow the fixture. A growing family may share a bath, and there simply isn’t enough space anymore. You could also require more storage space for an expanding collection of cosmetics, toiletries, and towels.

Outdated Designs

When people buy a home, they inherit everything that comes with it. This includes the bathroom vanities. You could feasibly purchase a home without feeling particularly positive about the bathroom fixtures.

Despite a vanity remaining in fine condition, it may impart an outdated style. In this scenario, you can feel better about your bathroom by switching to a modern bathroom vanity in South Miami.


Unfortunately, it is surprisingly easy for fixtures to begin leaking, causing damage to the cabinets that reside below. As time goes on, this can invite mold and other significant damage to the bathroom vanity.

Depending on the former fixtures, as well as the cost of replacement, sometimes it makes more sense to replace a vanity. The alternative to a new modern bathroom vanity in South Miami could mean facing frustrating health concerns in a losing battle with mold spores.

Choosing a Modern Bathroom Vanity in South Miami from Stone International

Our team is well-known in the South Florida community for our commitment to helping homeowners with their kitchen needs. The good news is that we extend these services to the bathroom as well! To learn more about obtaining a modern bathroom vanity in South Miami, contact Stone International today!