Stick to Those New Year's Resolutions and Update Your Kitchen with Stone International Today!

Modern Kitchen

Stick to Those New Year’s Resolutions and Update Your Kitchen with Stone International Today!

Modern Kitchen

Congratulations, you have officially made it one month into 2018! Now is the time to put your money where your mouth is and set your New Year’s resolutions into action! Let this be the year that you finally do what you say you are going to do. If you are tired of staring at your outdated kitchen and find yourself wishing that you had a better setting for family dinners and get-togethers, our talented team at Stone International can help completely transform your space into the attractive, Modern Kitchen of your 2018 dreams!

Stone International recognizes how crucial it is to feel comfortable and connected to your own home. Your house is not just a place to wind down at the end of the day and store your possessions; it is a representation of who you are. You may spend plenty of time throughout the property as a whole, but the kitchen has proven to be one of the most used rooms in any household.

Even if you are not a frequent cook yourself, it is virtually guaranteed that you will spend a significant portion of your day preparing meals and beverages. This is especially true if you have a family with young children who need a balanced breakfast made every morning and a hearty dinner in the evenings.

For that reason, you should always prioritize the state of your kitchen. By upgrading to high-quality materials that will last you years to come, working with Stone International is truly an investment. If a modern design is what you are searching for, we have plenty of contemporary options that will accomplish the look you want. By simply incorporating granite or quartz countertops, you can refresh your kitchen entirely and provide a pop of color.  

Kitchen Remodeling

Another popular trend nowadays is combining two color schemes together. By selecting straight black for your bottom cabinets and a white or off-white color for the top, you can accomplish a modern look that is sure to draw the attention of your family, friends, and loved ones. This mixture of neutral tones creates an aesthetic for the room and provides plenty of opportunities for utilizing accent colors throughout the rest of the decor in your kitchen space.

Our team at Stone International not only values style but convenience as well. We design our Modern Kitchen renovations to suit the varying needs you may have as an individual. Our beautifully crafted kitchen cabinets are incredibly spacious, providing you with plenty of storage space for your dishes, utensils, pots, pans, and other cooking tools. Once everything has its specific place, you will be amazed at how quickly you are able to prepare meals and clean up afterward.

The best part is that our professionals will always work within your budget. Whether you are prepared to go all out at no expensive or require more modest accommodations, we will sit down with you to provide estimates on various materials to give you a better idea of the cost from the very beginning. We are confident we can work something out regardless of your price range.

Kitchen Design Ideas

For the best in kitchen and bath products and services, team up with Stone International. Call us today at (786) 930-4722 to get started on your Modern Kitchen renovation or click here for more information on how to reach us now!

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