Not All Cabinets Are Made The Same: Try Custom-Made Fixtures

Dream Kitchen With Granite Counters, Hardwood Cabinetry, Custom Lighting

Not All Cabinets Are Made The Same: Try Custom-Made Fixtures

Cabinets – Not All Created Equal

Are you tired of those uber-basic cabinets from furniture department stores? While there are only so many colors to choose from when deciding on your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen cabinets, custom-made fixtures that perfectly fit your style and home aesthetic will spruce up any room. Adding a personal touch might be just what you need to turn those drab cabinets into something more fun and fresh.  Our Custom-Made Cabinets can accommodate you in any way.

You probably already know this, but here at Stone International, we’re experts in cabinets. Because it’s our specialty and because we want to serve you and your needs best, custom-made fixtures are no problem during cabinet installation. If you wish to add unique, hand-made door handles or skull door knobs, we can input those special fixtures to give you the custom-made cabinets of your dreams.

Many people don’t realize that they can add custom-made fixtures. When shopping for new cabinets to install into their bathrooms or kitchens, people feel the need to go with whatever basic fixtures come with the cabinets or with whatever fixtures are available at the stoor. With custom-made cabinets, however, you’ll be able to personalize your space and make it unique, not to mention your guests will immediately ask where the heck you got those doorknobs from. Custom-made cabinet fixtures can be anything from doorknobs made out of rocks or gemstones to gold-plated door handles. You can even get custom door handles that look like wrenches to be put onto your tool cabinets in your garage.

Chef's kitchen for an elite custom house on the water

Chef’s kitchen for an elite custom house on the water

The great thing about custom-made fixtures is that they are additional, so if you already have the cabinets of your dreams, but need just one more add-on to make them perfect, you can get custom fixtures installed with no problem and in no time. The great thing about custom-made fixtures is that you can get them to be the exact size you need for your cabinets, which you won’t get at just any regular, old department store.

Door handles and knobs come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, but if you have entirely custom-made cabinets that don’t fit with the sizes that most stores offer, it’s better to get a custom size and shape for those fixtures. A perfectly good cabinet can we wasted with a bad fixture, so make sure you measure your cabinets correctly and fully decide on what kind of fixtures fit just right with the rest of your home decor. You can even go so far as to have the same custom-made fixtures for every cabinet in your house, (like your bedroom closet) not just your kitchen or bathroom!

Remember when we said we’re cabinet experts? Well, we weren’t joking. Stone International is one of Florida’s leading manufacturers of prefabricated granite and solid all wood cabinets, so cabinet fixtures are no problem for us. Not only can we re-do your entire kitchen, but we can install those custom fixtures in a snap.

With a gallery full of colors and wood styles to choose from, you won’t have to wait for ages for you to be able to install your personalized knobs and handles. Simply pick out which style and color you want us to make your cabinets, and let us know all the information about those custom fixtures you plan on getting. Before you know it, everything will be installed, and you can get right back to cooking in the kitchen or taking a bubble bath in your new bathroom. Don’t wait—give us a call now to get the custom-made cabinets you’ve wished for.

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