Give Your Kids More Room To Play In Their Room With These Organization Tips

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Give Your Kids More Room To Play In Their Room With These Organization Tips

Whip Your Home into Shape!

Before you buy your kid that brand new toy, remember to organize the ones they already have! Organizing any space in your home can be complicated and confusing. Even looking at a cluttered room is already headache-inducing. Not only will these organization tips make your life a whole lot easier when you start cleaning, but also it will give your children plenty of room to play when they bring out their favorite dolls and toy trucks. At Stone International, we can create a custom Kids Room Storage plan for your needs.

Storage Should Be the Star

Kids room storage is everywhere. So many furniture stores and even stores that are not dedicated to furniture have a variety of dressers, drawers, and cabinets to choose from—all for your little ones. It’s no secret that storage units are essential for a child’s room, but with so many options out there, what kind of storage is best? Instead of cluttering your kid’s room with even more new dressers, utilize the innovative storage options that fit neatly into the furniture you already have.

One great example is installing sneaky clothing racks into dressers. If your kid needs just a little bit more closet space, you can use one of your cabinets to put a small rack inside that’s perfect for those little button-down shirts you don’t want to wrinkle. There are so many other places where cabinets are a perfect kids room storage piece.

Even without clothing racks, you can still install cabinets and pull-out drawers under your child’s bed or under a changing table. Many furniture pieces already come with these cabinets and drawers, so if you have the budget and space to give your kid a daybed next to a window, make sure it comes with built-in storage! No matter what you have, use all of your storage space the best you can. It’s by far the primary way to organize items and have them stay in order.

Picture of colorful decoration in kids room

Picture of colorful decoration in kids room

Divide and Conquer

Dividers are also a great way to utilize your kid’s room storage. Instead of splurging on a shelf that is already divided into compartments, you can customize your own by installing temporary or permanent dividers. Not only does this provide you with an easy way to separate your child’s toys and clothes by category or color, but it also gives you the freedom to organize your space any way you want. Installing your own dividers is customizable, and you can adapt the dividers to any situation if you purchase temporary, adjustable dividers. This is a long-term organizational solution because as your child’s storage needs change and grow, so can the dividers. The key to organizing the right way is to make the right choices with the space you have—ones that will withstand the test of time.

Life-Saving Labels

If you want to be able to find all of your kid’s stuff easily, just slap on some labels! With your new and improved cabinets or dividers, labels are the ultimate way for your kids to find things when they need them, and more importantly, putting them back in the right place — using labels can actually teach your children how to organize using color-coding and categorizing, making organization fun for them and easier for you. You don’t even have to buy a label-maker, you can make them with your kids as an exciting, but still educational, family activity. Use markers, colorful paper, and any other crafting tools to take your kid-friendly labels to the next level.

Kids Room Storage at Stone International

Our professional team here at Stone International wants to help you with any installations, especially if it involves renovating your child’s closet space. We specialize in a wide range of renovations, and we’re here to give you the best services for your next home project! Give us a call or visit our website to find out more.