Texturized Cabinets Easily Transform Your Kitchen From Drab to Fab!

textured wallpaper on cabinets

Texturized Cabinets Easily Transform Your Kitchen From Drab to Fab!

Decorating Your Cabinets with Textured Wallpaper

You may love your kitchen, however, if the heart of your home begins to feel a bit boring, or in some case dark or oppressive, you may begin thinking about a costly kitchen remodel. While this isn’t inherently a bad idea, the mounting costs of new fixtures, as well as kitchen downtime may prove too much to bear.

Luckily, your friends from Stone International want to provide some information on an easy solution: utilizing textured wallpaper on cabinets for a unique aesthetic!

The best part about textured wallpaper on cabinets is that it remains entirely removable. You can simply peel it off before cleaning up any stray glue with a damp sponge. This is an ideal method to add a splash of color or design, especially for those who rent.

Textured wallpaper on cabinets is the perfect design tactic to update your kitchen in a rental property because it can make a monumental difference without representing a permanent transformation. With thousands of different options, you can certainly find a perfect fit for your style.

Wallpapering Your Cabinets

Most wallpapers will come with “how-to” instructions. The first step is emptying out the cabinets, and removing the shelves. Unfortunately, some cabinets wield permanent shelving fixtures that can make your wallpapering process slightly difficult.  Ensure that you clean all surfaces that the wallpaper will contact.

Measure your cabinets and begin cutting strips of wallpaper to size. When you hang the paper, you need it to adhere to the top of the cabinet, all the way to the bottom in a long, unbroken strip. If you must place a second piece, overlap it slightly on the left edge until you reach the right edge of the cabinet.

Additionally, you should leave an extra inch or two while cutting. This is because it is much easier to cut extra wallpaper off once the surface is fry. As you cut and size, ensure that you account for the overlap to align patterning while you install.

The Stone International design team also suggests possible removing a set of cabinet doors. This enables easy access to any dishes and creates a nice aesthetic. You will see the wallpaper peeking through from the back for a cool and unique design.

If you rent a home or apartment, you can simply store the cabinet doors away somewhere safe. When the time comes to move out, just reinstall the doors before your landlord comes in for the inspection.

Design Ideas from Stone International

Although our company serves as a kitchen and bath fixture provider based in the South Florida community, we look at ourselves as far more than carpenters possessing tools in our belts. Our full—service design team enjoys nothing more than coming up with designs and ideas to help our clients get the most out of their homes. This includes textured wallpaper on cabinets.

For homeowners, we can suggest a line of permanent fixtures that will ideally suit your existing space. Unfortunately, this is not an ideal or even a possible solution for many people. In these situations, our design team goes above and beyond to ensure these individuals create designs they are proud of.

For more information on unique kitchen and bath design ideas from Stone International including textured wallpaper on cabinets, contact our professional team today!

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