5 Most Common Damages To Granite Countertops (Be Careful!)

granite countertop damage

5 Most Common Damages To Granite Countertops (Be Careful!)

Common Causes of Granite Countertop Damage

Granite remains an incredibly durable material. However, no countertop is completely impervious to damage. Some forms may appear more common than others. Nonetheless, granite countertop damage often is the result of a mishap or mistake.

The team from Stone International wants to share some information on the five most common damages to granite countertops. We hope that the following will outline some ways you can prevent and mitigate damage to your countertops in the future!


Granite is very resistant to stains. Nevertheless, even water may still result in temporary discoloration when allowed to penetrate a granite countertop. Any liquids that may penetrate the stone can leave stains, including oils, juice, and wine.

The good news is that this granite countertop damage is entirely reversible. By using a homemade solution that contains baking soda and acetone, you can lift oil stains. You can additionally remove organic stains by soaking a paper towel in common household bleach before placing it on the affected area.


Etching is a chemical reaction that occurs when a granite surface experiences exposure to acids like vinegar, juice, soda, or wine. This is surface dulling that often appears very similar to a stain.

Proper sealing and polishing of granite countertops guard against etching as a result of acid exposure. Avoid utilizing common household cleaners on granite. Many contain corrosive and acidic ingredients that can worsen granite countertop damage.

Damage from Surface Impact

Despite granite’s hard surface, an impact from a large or heavy object may cause the stone to chip. This granite countertop damage typically occurs around the sink and edges. Depending on the countertop’s finish, you may not see these chips. Nonetheless, you will still feel them when you touch the surface.

Unfortunately, the only way to prevent surface impact granite countertop damage is by taking care while lifting heavy objects. Sealing granite countertops may also alleviate some minor impact damage.

Hazy Surfaces

A cloudy or hazy surface is not usually the result of granite countertop damage. This results from utilizing incorrect cleaning products. Cleaning products may demonstrate abrasive and acidic properties that eat into granite surfaces or leave behind an unpleasant film. Cleaning granite with dish soap may also leave behind a soap film layer that makes the surface appear dull.

Clean your countertops on a regular basis. Use high-quality, stone-safe cleaning products designed specifically for granite surfaces. Always dry the surface to prevent streaking and water spots.

Heat Damage

Granite is an extremely heat-resistant countertop material. However, surfaces may still experience damage due to hot pots or pans. Sealant and finishing on granite are not as heat resistant as the stone itself. Repeatedly placing hot pots, pans, or other dishes on granite surfaces may result in black marks or lead to thermal shock and cracking.

Ensure that your countertops last a lifetime by avoiding granite countertop damage due to heat. Do not place hot pots or pans directly on a granite surface. Instead, utilize a trivet or hot pad to mitigate potential heat damage.

Granite Countertop Surfaces from Stone International

If your kitchen countertops remain full of eyesores and other issues, it may be time to purchase some new countertop surfaces. Our team from Stone International has you covered with our diverse, high-quality granite countertop selections.

For more information on granite countertop damage solutions, as well as new countertop selections for your home, contact Stone International today!

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