#ProTip: Upgrade Your Outdated Kitchen Counters with Pristine Granite

Granite Countertop Installation

#ProTip: Upgrade Your Outdated Kitchen Counters with Pristine Granite

The Advantage of a Granite Countertop Installation

The first thing that most of us will think about when we think about granite is its exquisite aesthetic beauty. Granite provides luxury and elegance to any room. For this reason, a granite countertop installation remains an ideal method to elevate designs in the kitchen.

Granite is an affordable, durable material that is also heat resistant. This makes it the preeminent solution as a cooktop surface. With granite countertops, any kitchen will not only look beautiful but also remain optimally functional as well.

Our team from Stone International often goes on and on about granite countertops, and all the wonders that they provide, including the Top 3 Reasons Why Having Granite Countertops Are the Way to Go in Your Home. Nonetheless, we’re breaking down some reasons to upgrade your outdated kitchen counters with new, pristine granite!


Granite is a naturally dense, hard stone that can last within your home for many years. This makes it a great choice for any area that will experience frequent or consistent use as the kitchen. 

Granite holds up beautifully under the daily wear and tear of the kitchen. However, a granite countertop installation also serves as a family-friendly option that is easily-cleaned and difficult to damage.

Unique Aesthetics

Every granite slab is mined from the Earth before manufacturers process it into individual pieces. This means that each countertop slab is truly special, unlike any other. No way exists that enables us to duplicate the natural beauty of granite stone.

In fact, granite comes in a wide variety of different colors and shades, imparting any number of patterns. The average granite slab imparts unique specks, swirls, and veins. Homeowners may even notice that the stone’s appearance changes throughout the day as the small crystals inside of the natural stone will reflect light differently.

Increase Home Value with Granite Countertop Installation

Installing a new set of granite countertops can increase the value of a property. Prospective homeowners will often appreciate the elegant and luxurious feel that granite provides in the kitchen. This is one of the more important rooms of the home, and improvements in the space can drastically affect the sale value and expediency.

Granite stone is not a modern home design trend. These countertops reflect a timeless, classic look that homeowners can appreciate for years to come as a wonderful addition to any living space, in addition to a substantial investment.

Easy Cleaning, Easy Maintenance

Possibly our favorite benefit of granite installation is that the surface is effortless to clean. All homeowners must do to keep up with the stone’s beauty and quality is to administer a specialized cleaner. The surface remains smooth and stain-resistant. It will not absorb liquids and serves as the ideal kitchen maintenance option.

Information on a Granite Countertop Installation from Stone International

Granite Countertop InstallationThere is no denying that granite stone is beautiful. This is just one of the stunning examples of the gifts that we receive straight from the Earth. The beauty comes at a price, but probably not as high as expected.

Our team from Stone International works with every significant stone distributor in the South Florida area. This allows us to pass notable savings onto our clients, enabling them to install an inexpensive granite fixture in their home. To learn more about a granite countertop installation from us, contact us today!

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