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Advantages of Modern RTA Cabinets

For some time, homeowners regularly thought of the term “RTA cabinetry” with a notable amount of stigma. RTA stands for ready-to-assemble. In the past, individuals commonly associated RTA with cheap, inferior cabinetry products.

However, in the modern cabinet market, a number of providers now offer quality RTA solutions. A top cabinet company in Doral can provide these solutions to contractors with confidence, understanding that RTA options have evolved.

In fact, a number of contractors look at RTA options as sturdy, quality products that can help them provide their customer with a durable, long-lasting product for an excellent value. Nevertheless, homeowners and contractors alike should consider some things before deciding on an RTA cabinet solution.

Your friends from Stone International, a top cabinet company in Doral want to offer some information concerning modern cabinets, as well as what a homeowner should consider before settling on a purchase.

Overall Value

The United States economy is currently in a state of recovery. For this reason, several homeowners are now deciding on a home remodel or renovation, as opposed to purchasing a new, upgraded home. When a homeowner can make these improvements on their own, they can enjoy new, more functional fixtures, while additionally increasing the overall value of their home.

In addition to countertops, new cabinets from a top cabinet company in Doral represent the most significant additions possible. The good news is, that companies now offer wholesale and other more inexpensive alternatives that maintain their high-quality.

By making these selections, homeowners can reduce their costs significantly, and still satisfy their desire for a durable, well-made, elegant cabinet. There is absolutely no need to compromise on quality by selecting a wholesale kitchen cabinet. A custom-built RTA cabinet is a beautiful, excellent addition to any home. This convenient, cost-efficient option comes in a variety of styles, as well as configurations.

Is it Time for a Kitchen Facelift?

The easiest way to refresh and reface a home is by installing a new set of cabinet fixtures. Many homeowners will paint and refinish their old cabinets time and time again. Unfortunately, after some time, they will still look drab. When this occurs, it is time to get rid of the old and bring in the new.

Additionally, some homeowners will also update their cabinet doors, as well as pulls in the hope that this will improve the look. This is an easier, less expensive project. However, there is no substitution for new cabinets from a top cabinet company in Doral.

Nonetheless, a homeowner must decide if they want traditional-faced cabinets, or something more contemporary. Then they must decide on custom or stock cabinets. This choice obviously will substantially alter the overall price point.

With a top cabinet company in Doral like Stone International, the cabinets our company keeps in stock actually represent both choices in one. Previously, custom cabinets represented unique, authentically manufactured options. Contrarily, stock cabinets serve as cheap, mass-produced options. Although our company produces a great number of our product selections, each choice remains unique, utilizing only the best quality materials.

Top Quality Product Selection for a Top Quality Price

Stone International provides customers an option for the best possible quality cabinet fixtures, for an entirely affordable price. Our wholesale traditional and modern kitchen cabinets represent an ideal choice for virtually any kitchen remodeling project.

Every cabinet that we produce utilizes high-quality maple or basswood material, containing no pressboard whatsoever. The boxes we provide additionally boast plywood construction. Furthermore, a unique feature that we offer our customers is a stained interior to match the exterior framing of every cabinet. This is something you cannot find from even the best competitor.

Although laminate, pressboard, and many other materials that modern cabinet companies may elect to use look modern, traditional wood material from a top cabinet company in Doral is sturdy and long-lasting. This will help homeowners make their homes look gorgeous and traditional while adding to the overall property value.

Stone International – A Top Cabinet Company in Doral

Stone International has represented a top cabinet company in Doral, servicing the South Florida community for over twenty years. Started as a family-owned company, we remain family operated to this day.

We take pride in offering our customers the best possible quality product at a wholesale price. Our team can accomplish this feat by directly importing our products from China. This effectively cuts out any middleman markup and allows us to pass the savings on to the homeowner.

Our design team helps our clients by utilizing the modernist design software. This software displays what a customer’s potential new fixtures look like within their existing space. By employing this method, our staff can help customers make a selection without apprehension, and guarantee the way the final design will look in their home.

We also provide free installation with any purchase. Our install team provides a very fast turnaround time. In fact, Stone International can guarantee the fastest installation in the business. This is because we understand the difficult going without a kitchen or bath can pose. For this reason, we strive to minimize any potential downtime as we implement new fixtures in a home.

For more information on how our company can help you, as well as our status as a top cabinet company in Doral, contact the professionals at Stone International today! We want to help you make your dreams of the ideal kitchen a reality!