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How to Choose the Right Countertops

How do you choose the best possible countertop for your home? With so many beautiful options available on the market today, this may represent a difficult decision. However, once you discover a quality provider, as well as your own unique and individual product interest, the choice is easy.

Stone International a longtime top cabinet company in Miami, and countertop provider to the South Florida area can help by providing some quality information. Our pros and cons list will assist you in making your decision with preeminent confidence.

Top Cabinet Company in Miami – Countertop Pros and Cons


Quartz easily represents the most popular countertop in the United States. Individuals within the industry also often refer to quart countertops as engineered quartz or stone. It is additionally easy for many people to confuse quartzite with engineered quartz.

Designers fuse the quarts mineral with a varied combination of polymers, pigments, as well as powdered and ground materials. This forms the quartz slabs we know today that adorn our favorite renovation materials provider.

Quartz countertops serve as extremely hard, durable, and resilient surfaces. They easily resist scratches and stains, making them easy to maintain. This material is nonporous, meaning that it does not absorb moisture while remaining bacteria resistant. However, quartz is not as heat tolerant as granite, or quartzite.


Quartzite is a naturally-occurring metamorphic stone. This means that the aesthetic of a quartzite countertop is unique, inherent to the natural stone surface.

In a natural process, quartz crystals formed from sandstone before fusing together millions of years ago. The countertop selection is one that numerous customers love and appreciate, serving ideally for kitchen islands.

Quartzite is harder than granite or quartz, remaining easy to maintain, as well as scratch and stain resistant. However, you must seal the natural stone every few years to ensure that it will last in your home for a long time.


Granite is also a substantially popular countertop selection. It is extremely durable, rarely scratching or chipping. Each individual slab imparts a visual aesthetic and characteristics that reflect its region of origin. Most companies will offer the surface pre-sealed. However, if the stone countertop is unsealed, you must seal the countertop on a yearly basis.

Granite is extraordinarily durable, in addition to heat resistant. You can easily maintain this countertop surface, and it is scratch and stain resistant as well. Nonetheless, you must ensure that you reseal the natural stone while remembering that it is susceptible to staining from oil, citrus, or alcohol. The hard density may additionally represent a detriment as this can lead to breaking if you drop something hard on it.

No Clear Favorite

If you want to cultivate your own specific and individual style, there is no better way than mixing and matching countertop surfaces. We not only offer our support through our product provisions but actually support this idea!

You can pair your favorite looks while cultivating a unique aesthetic that is all your own. Pair this with the functional application and you can’t go wrong with any countertop selection from a top cabinet company in Miami.

Due to the fact that your ideal material heavily depends on how and where you will use it, this makes selecting the best material very challenging. Nevertheless, this remains our favorite concern to address as we design new cabinets for your home.

For this reason, we also feature numerous selections in our showroom. At our location, you can touch and feel different material options. This will help you observe how they will look amongst numerous different styles inside your home.

At Stone International, you will experience firsthand the gorgeous and elegant styles we offer. Our selection boasts a plethora of different colors and patterns that each product we feature imparts. The final countertop you choose adds a finalized design statement to an overall kitchen remodel.

Stone International, Top Cabinet Company in Miami

If you do not possess full awareness of the design you want for your home, our expert designers possess a significant understanding of precisely how to make your home look beautiful and luxurious. We want to make your cabinet and countertop design dreams a reality!

Even when customers don’t know the first thing about matching colors or patterns, our team possesses experience and expertise that can help them back on the right track.

Our countertops and cabinets last for an extensive amount of time if customers maintain them properly. This is due to the the best possible, quality materials we utilize when constructing and selecting any product. When you select Stone International, there is no need to worry about potentially replacing your countertops in the next few years. For this reason, our products represent a valuable investment inside of your home.

We can add beauty and functionality to your home. Additionally, our team creates and imports every product themselves. Because we cut out any middleman markup, there is no better deal you can find anywhere on the market, even from our top competitors.

Stone International, top cabinet company in Miami wants to help you cultivate your best kitchen design. While we help you select a product, we can discuss precisely how this might make your home a more pleasing and inviting locale.

For more information on countertop selections from our top cabinet company in Miami, contact Stone International today! We can get started by scheduling a free, in-home consultation!