Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2017!

Trending Kitchen Design in Miami
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Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2017!

Trending Kitchen Design in Miami

With Spring in full bloom, many people decide that it is time for a change. One change that often happens is inside the house. Spring is usually seen as a time for reorganization and remodeling. If you are looking to remodel your kitchen this Spring, it can be difficult to know where to start. The two biggest factors are often your budget and what design you want. Luckily, at Stone International, we offer wholesale prices that can save you up to 20%. We can also create a Trending Kitchen Design in Miami for you, so you will not have to stress yourself out.

Here are some of the most trending kitchen designs in 2017 that you will love:

Kitchen Renovation

  1. L-Shaped: An L-shaped kitchen with an island can provide plenty of extra space for you. Rather than be cramped in a narrow area, an L-shape opens it up more and can give you extra cabinets and countertop space for storage.
  1. U-Shaped: A U-shaped design is similar to an L-shaped design except it is given an extra side to create a U. This design is great if you need even more storage and want a bigger cooking space. Putting an island in the middle will make this design even more functional.
  1. Hidden Appliances: This design utilizes wood paneling to hide your appliances, like refrigerators, and make them look built into the design. This design is great for those who want a kitchen that looks all the same or dislike the look of their appliances.
  1. Two-toned Cabinets: A popular new design is to paint contrasting colors on your top and bottom kitchen cabinets. For example, painting the bottom cabinets black and the top cabinets white creates a “tuxedo” kitchen look that many people find appealing now.

At Stone International, we want to help you find a Trending Kitchen Design in Miami while saving money. We create all of our cabinets and products in house and import them ourselves so we can offer you wholesale prices. With us, your budget will go much farther than it usually would. Our installers will also come to make sure your old kitchen is taken out and your new one is put in, in a week or less.

Kitchen Cabinet Design

If you are interested in remodeling your kitchen into a new Trending Kitchen Design in Miami, call us today at (786) 930-4722, or click here to schedule a free in-home estimate!


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