Wholesale Modern Kitchen Cabinets in Cutler Bay

Cultivating a Realistic Design that Works Within your Price and Construction Timelines

Here at Stone International, our team often hosts customers that wield unrealistic expectations concerning their budget, design, and expected timelines. Unfortunately, the plethora of design shows on television often lead these individuals to believe they can accomplish a dramatic makeover in a matter of days for an extremely low cost.

In reality, renovating even a small bathroom can take months depending on an individual’s intended design. Nonetheless, if you represent one of these individuals, you do wield a substantial amount of options to expedite the process such as Stone International wholesale modern kitchen cabinets in Cutler Bay. You should also consider that you can experience a number of benefits from providing your renovation project with a generous timeline.

Your friends from Stone International want to help you through this endeavor by offering some information on home renovating, as well as how you can make the best possible choices during this journey.

Conduct Optimal Research

Regardless of whether or not you work with a designing and other tradesmen during your project, it is important that you conduct some research before even beginning the project. This can help you gain insight into what exactly you want from your home renovation.

You can utilize resources like HGTV, Better Homes, and Gardens, as well as Pinterest to solidify your remodeling vision. This will additionally enable you to bring some ideas with you to meet a designer and start the planning phase.

Cultivate and Implement an Adequate Timeline

It remains important to not overlook the downtime between you decide to begin construction, and when your materials will actually arrive. For some homeowners, they will utilize a build and design team that cannot begin construction immediately. Some of these professionals take up to six months before they can finish a job.

Additionally, these projects often involve more decisions than the average homeowner expects. Considering a kitchen redesign, individuals must make selections that include plumbing, electrical, appliances, layout, design, coloration, countertops, as well as how these new designs fit into the rest of the home.

Luckily, utilizing a company like Stone International can absolve you from several of these concerns. Our team offers wholesale modern kitchen cabinets in Cutler Bay. This means a preeminent cabinet for an affordable price. We also offer a comprehensive design team that includes utilizing three-dimensional modeling software, in addition to free installation with any wholesale modern kitchen cabinets in Cutler Bay purchase!

Nevertheless, consider that any installation still involves some time, even despite Stone International’s industry-leading turnaround time. Consider the downtime you may face during a kitchen remodel and plan accordingly.

Ensure you possess a Realistic, Grounded Budget

When you speak with any designer, ensure that you remain honest in everything that you tell them. This includes your wants and desires, as well as what you think you can afford. These professionals can help you stay grounded, choosing what you need and what will prove functional over certain frills that may not reside within your budget.

Some homeowners may avoid divulging their actual budget for several reasons. This might be due to worries about a design team spending every last penny. However, it could also be due to embarrassment about what they can actually afford.

Ensuring you consult with a designer early on will help you set a budget range where you can stay comfortable knowing you can complete the project. When you finally establish this financial boundary, this will include every expense. If you select Stone International, our team can help save you money in the short and long run by providing wholesale modern kitchen cabinets in Cutler Bay.

Ultimately, when you set a budget from the beginning phases, you can always adjust this number up or down as you make choices. Without setting these boundaries from the beginning, it is easy for your project to get out of hand fast. You may discover shock and awe when you see what you finally spent in the end.

Wholesale Modern Kitchen Cabinets in Cutler Bay from Stone International

Although kitchen renovating is becoming more and more popular, it remains one of the most expensive investments any homeowner can make. For this reason, taking the proper time for your investment is crucial. When you select Stone International wholesale modern kitchen cabinets in Cutler Bay, this ensures you get a quality product for a preeminent price.

Our company serves as a crucial resource for individuals in the South Florida area. We work to help them accomplish the kitchens of their dreams. We can extend our commitment to our customers as well as our excellent product offering on a national level when our customer needs arise.

Stone International only utilizes real wood in our fixtures, our cabinets contain no plywood material whatsoever. Additionally, we import our own products directly from China. This affords us the ability to pass this savings onto our customers.

Our team wants to help you obtain the kitchen of your dreams at an affordable price point. For more information on how we can help you, as well as our wholesale modern kitchen cabinets in Cutler Bay, contact our professional design and installation team today.

Stone International a family-operated company in the South Florida area that can help you with any of your home redesign needs. When you need a preeminent solution for an upcoming home redesign or renovation, consider enlisting our comprehensive services.