Bathroom Vanities in Miami

Bathroom Vanities in Miami

Bathroom Vanities in Miami

Bathroom Vanities in Miami

At Stone International, most know us for our kitchen designs. However, our bathroom vanities in Miami and bath remodels also represent popular services we offer in South Florida. As a leading manufacturer of kitchen cabinets and countertops, we additionally provide bathroom vanities in Miami keeping with the latest bath trends.

Our vanities transform the overall aesthetic of the bathroom in your home, restaurant, business, or other facilities. The bathroom is an important part of your home or business, and should always look nice and clean.

With our variety of bathroom vanities in Miami, your bathroom can look truly exceptional. Our bathroom vanities in Miami transform your bathroom to look modern, crisp, and beautiful. However, we can incorporate existing bathroom furniture and bathroom accessories into a modern, blended design. Mixing the old with the new is what many designers call “transitional design”, a popular style in South Florida home design.

The bathroom is an essential part of any home or business and reflects a plethora of information about an owner during a first impression. Would you want to eat at someone’s house or a restaurant with a dank, dingy looking restroom?

The bathroom emits an impression of overall professionalism and cleanliness. If a restroom looks dirty or in disrepair, imagine what the kitchen must look like. Through our product selection at Stone International, you can select a bathroom fitting of the message you want to deliver. We provide a multitude of options for any bathroom space, and any aesthetic you seek to create.

Want a Miami Beach or Key West bungalow look? We can provide you with high-quality modern bathroom fixtures for your needs. Trying to match a tricky coloration or shading on your shower panels? Stop by our Miami showroom, our team is certain we can help you out.

Bathroom Designers

What Bathroom Remodeling Services do we offer?

Bathroom Sinks: We provide a variety of bathroom sink designs that are available in modern, rustic, or traditional styles. The right choice for your remodelers project depends on the theme you’re attempting to achieve. Sink types we offer include Stainless Steel Double Sink, Clear Wave Vessel, and White Rectangular Sink.

Bathroom Cabinets:  You have various options available to choose from in regards to bathroom cabinets. Stone International provides a selection of espresso, white, off-white, as well as cherry. Selection of the proper cabinet for your bathroom project can hold the room together while making or breaking the entire project.

Bathroom Counters: The counter is generally the part of the bathroom that will catch a visitor’s eye first. An attention-grabbing bathroom countertop can be simple, however so vibrant with color and intricate patterning. We stock several granite and quartz countertop options for the counter in the bathroom. The styles available consist of Titanium Vanity, African Fantasy Valley, Imperial Gold, and Delicate Ice.

No matter what you need, Stone International strives to provide a solution. A number of customers in the South Florida community live in old-style, Spanish homes. For many designers and manufacturers, this can pose a significant problem. However, with the Stone International team, transitional design comes naturally to us. We take pride in helping any homeowner find the style they desire for an affordable price.

A multitude of designs, affordable prices, in addition to swift completion times bolster our company. These qualities differentiate us from other bathroom remodeling companies. Our installers can complete your bathroom vanities in Miami from the design to installation phase in under three weeks! Dedicated and hard-working, our team will deliver the best possible expert service!

Bathroom Remodeling Company in Miami

Stone International may be renowned for our customer service and kitchen countertop installation and provision services, but our bathroom design and remodeling services are something truly all their own. We take pride in assisting our clients to remodel their homes.

Though the bathroom may seem relatively unimportant in the grand scheme of a home remodeling project, it is virtually the most used room in the home. A bathroom remodel is surely something to be noticed by visitors to your home, once the renovations are complete, and can make for compelling conversation material at your next dinner or event.

A home remodel is no easy task, especially when trying to go it alone. For this reason, Stone International focus on our clients’ needs, attempting to provide the total package from design to installation. For those with concerns about space constraints, or issues with design integration, we provide a design service from square one of the bathroom remodeling process.

Our design team can provide a 3-D model of our entire catalog of countertops, and bathroom vanities in Miami. This model is performed utilizing our state-of-the-art software. Once we have the measurements of your existing space, we will implement the information into the software to create a virtual display of your bathroom. In this digital space, you can view the entire gamut of countertop, sink, and vanity product selections within your bathroom. This will help you to make an optimal selection for your bathroom renovations.

Our primary goal is to assist our clients in helping make their dream renovations a reality. We do this by providing a diverse product selection and high-end customer service. With Stone International, your renovation is our focus. You can achieve the remodel you’ve always wanted with quality products for a wholesale price.

For more information on home renovations utilizing our bathroom vanities in Miami, stop by our local showroom, or contact one of our professional design representatives today!