What Are the Best Counter and Cabinet Combinations for a Rustic Kitchen?

Miami Kitchen Remodeling Contractor
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What Are the Best Counter and Cabinet Combinations for a Rustic Kitchen?

Miami Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

At Stone International, we are constantly asked for our professional opinion and recommendations by our customers. Some might ask us what combinations we think are best, other might ask us what we think would go best with a wall color, and sometimes they will ask us how to achieve the look of a rustic kitchen! Rustic kitchens are an extremely popular design for kitchens, especially in this modern world. Our contractors work hard to deliver the kitchen of your dreams within three weeks and to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the outcome.

Our Miami Kitchen Remodeling Contractor would recommend different combinations for a rustic kitchen, if that is the type of design that you are looking for.

Here are our 3 top cabinets and countertop combinations for a rustic kitchen:

  1. Toffee Cabinets: These cabinets give your kitchen a warm and cozy feel while giving it that rustic look! These cabinets easily brighten your home, and give your kitchen a timeless look. The best countertops to go with this cabinet includes Tan Brown, Tiramisu, and Giallo Florito.
  2. Glazed Maple Cabinets: These cabinets scream rustic! They give an aged look and feel to your kitchen while delivering a warm and traditional approach. You and your family can enjoy a homey kitchen with this rustic cabinetry option. The best countertops for this cabinetry includes Colonial Cream, New Venetian Gold, Santa Cecilia, and Golden Beach.
  3. Cafe Cabinets: This darker tone of cabinet is great for a rustic kitchen! It is simple, traditional, crisp, and rustic! The best countertops to go for includes Nougat, Cotton White, Golden Beach, and Colonial Cream!

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Call Stone International today to speak to our Miami Kitchen Remodeling Contractor for more information on how you can achieve the rustic look for your kitchen! We can guarantee the kitchen of your dreams in just less than three weeks! Call now at 786-930-4722 or click here to make an appointment!

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