10 Ways to Know You Got a Bang For Your Buck on Your New Kitchen Cabinets

high-quality kitchen cabinets

10 Ways to Know You Got a Bang For Your Buck on Your New Kitchen Cabinets

Get the Most Out of a Cabinet Set

Many kitchen cabinet manufacturers provide cabinets that are either way over budget or way under but with low quality. Our high-quality kitchen cabinets are both long-lasting and affordable, check out some of the many benefits of them:

High-Quality Frames

Good cabinets start with good frames. To provide a stable, durable base that will keep the cabinet box intact, we recommend solid hardwood frames to ensure high-quality kitchen cabinets. However, depending on who you choose to install your cabinets, you might get charged more for the installation of frameless cabinets, as it has to be very precise and therefore takes a long time to complete. Solid hardwood frames, on the other hand, are cheaper to install and way more long-lasting

Soft-Close Hinges

Soft-Close hinges aren’t absolutely necessary, but they make your high-quality kitchen cabinets even better. Because soft-close hinges force cabinet doors to softly close rather than quickly shut, they are safer for children than regular cabinet hinges. For this reason, we highly recommend getting this option if you have a family. Soft-close hinges also mean less wear and tear on your cabinets, making them last longer and look that much better. Check out all the amazing benefits of soft-close hinges!

Long-Lasting Back Panel

This is another essential factor for cabinet installation: a full-height back panel. This essentially makes installation easier, especially if the back panel is durable. By having the cabinet be directly connected to the wall, the back panel makes things easier if there are any electrical or plumbing wires in the way. We recommend a plywood full-height back panel or a furniture board full-height back panel.

The Right Interiors

High-quality kitchen cabinets are easily spotted just by their interiors, as some come with porous wood veneer or other materials that aren’t that easy to clean. The interiors of your cabinets should be long-lasting in the sense that they won’t bubble, stain, or show wear and tear. This is especially important when cleaning the interiors of your cabinets, so we highly recommend getting cabinets with either melamine or laminate. Both have a very high resistance to moisture so that they won’t get weird with every clean.
Dovetail Drawer Box

As for matching drawers, remember that the bottom drawer has to support a substantial amount of weight. Instead of a stapled particleboard drawer box, we recommend getting solid hardwood sides with a dovetail drawer box. This will ensure your high-quality kitchen cabinets will stay intact for years to come. It’s important to mention that all of our cabinets are made out of solid wood, not shoddy particleboard.

Soft-Close Drawers

We also recommend soft-close drawers to go along with your soft-close hinges, which are a great sign of high-quality kitchen cabinets just like soft-close hinges. They both provide essentially the same benefits and having both gives your kitchen uniformity. We recommend soft-close steel glides instead of lower quality side-mount epoxy coated glides.

Close-up shot of soft-close drawers on high-quality kitchen cabinets.

A Great Toe Kick

If you don’t know what a toe kick is, it’s the space where the cabinet meets the floor, giving your feet some room when you’re standing at your kitchen counter. We recommend the toe kick being connected to the full-height back panel and cabinet sides for extra strength and durability. A toe kick panel will look even better and make for more high-quality kitchen cabinets, as opposed to plastic leg supports.

Ready-to-Install Cabinets

Cabinets that you assemble yourself come in parts, of course, and are meant to be assembled by professionals at a construction site with plastic attachments or metal clips. While this may sound fine, they make your high-quality kitchen cabinets less durable and sturdy than cabinets assembled with wood construction. Stone Int’l makes things way easier for you as we can both deliver and install the cabinets professionally for you right at home, so you don’t have to worry about the details of cabinet construction.

Durable, long-lasting wood construction on high-quality kitchen cabinets.

Sturdy Cabinet Boxes

High-quality kitchen cabinets also require a good cabinet box. Like other details we’ve mentioned, this is also important for a smooth shipping and installation process and makes the cabinet more heavy-duty. We recommend captured and integrated brace construction, as well as furniture board braces and plywood I-beams rather than plastic corner gussets.

The Perfect Materials

Unlike other cabinet providers, we know the exact materials that go into our high-quality kitchen cabinets. This ensures that we know all of the details of the cabinets and can tell you how they should be preserved and how long they will last. Some great materials that we recommend are furniture board, as it resists expansion from humidity and changing temperatures and plywood as it resists moisture the best and is your most reliable option against sagging and dents.

Are we looking for the perfect, high-quality kitchen cabinets? Our team at Stone Int’l has got you covered with our extensive experience in kitchen remodeling. Check out our website to get a free estimate!

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