What Is the Difference Between Formica and 100% Real Wood for Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Wholesale Real Wood Cabinets in Miami

What Is the Difference Between Formica and 100% Real Wood for Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Wholesale Real Wood Cabinets in Miami

At Stone International, we pride ourselves in giving our customers the absolute best cabinets and countertops made from top-quality materials for a beautiful kitchen. So many kitchen remodeling companies offer countertops and cabinets made from inferior materials. Unfortunately, these may easily chip and experience significant damage. We provide wholesale real wood cabinets in Miami instead of what many others offer, a material called Formica. There is a significant difference in the level of quality between Formica and real wood cabinets.

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What is Formica?

Formica is a hard, plastic laminate used as a material for both countertops and cabinets. Unlike the wood composition of our cheap custom kitchen cabinets, Formica is not durable and has a relatively boring, plain exterior. Each and every Stone International cabinet is comprised of 100% real wood, the best quality modern kitchen cabinet design you can find anywhere.

Our cabinets are all wood construction. Designed for durability, they boast solid wood fronts with plywood boxes. We stain these fixtures on the inside to match the exterior façade and create a uniform look. Additionally, the drawers are also composed of solid wood and feature dovetail construction, full-extension heavy-duty glides, soft close options, and 6-way adjustable hinges. We use absolutely no press or particle board anywhere in the construction of our cabinets

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Why Stone International?

At Stone International, we pride ourselves on delivering the best quality services and products for your kitchen or bath. Real wood cabinets brought to you by Stone International are durable, sturdy, have a top-quality feel, and look amazing. Don’t settle for cheap materials and products like Formica when looking for kitchen cabinets on a budget. Choose Stone International for the best quality kitchen remodeling in Miami!

“We directly import our own all wood cabinet line, eliminating the middleman markup. We are also direct importers of granite countertops. Our granite fabricators work exclusively for us.  Word soon spread in the South Florida community about Stone International’s products and services. We became a leading manufacturer of prefabricated granite and solid wood cabinets in the area.”
Call Stone International today at 786-930-4722 for more information about our Wholesale Real Wood Cabinets in Miami. You can also click here to make an appointment for a consultation with us to get started on the installation of your 100% real wood kitchen cabinets!

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